Is Lil Huddy Gay? New Details On Tik Tok Star Chase Hudson — And The Rumors About His Sexuality

This TikTok star is getting a lot of fans' attention.

Is Lil Huddy Gay? New Details On Tik Tok Star Chase Hudson — And The Rumors About His Sexuality YouTube

With how popular video app TikTok has quickly become, it's no surprise it's also churning out its own kind of celebrities, too. 

Among those celebrities is Chase Hudson — AKA Lil Huddy — the 17-year-old who's scooping up millions of views on his videos. But some fans have been wondering about his sexuality ... especially since he's now been elevated to serious crush status. 

Is Lil Huddy gay? Although his own sexuality is definitely his business, he has dropped a few clues here and there about who he's romantically interested in and turns out he's already addressed the gay rumors about himself.


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Lil Huddy has become very popular on TikTok very quickly.

With well over eight million followers on TikTok (and over 450 million likes on his videos), it goes without saying that Huddy has managed to find massive success on the platform. Like most TikTok users, his profile largely consists of lipsyncing videos, which he occasionally films with friends — and many of them have also reached huge popularity on the app. 

Huddy is frequently sharing new videos, with all of them gaining hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of likes.


He founded the TikTok collective Hype House.

Along with other creators, Huddy lives in Hype House, a home where he and others who have found success on TikTok and YouTube live and work (and even collaborate) together. Primarily, his job in the house is to work behind the scenes, looking out for talent who might make it big and who should work with his friends.

“[You] have a lot of energy and personality and honestly a little weird. The weird people get the furthest on the internet,” he said. “You either have to be talented at something, or a weird funny mix, or extremely good looking.” 

He also gained popularity on 

Before there was TikTok, there was, a similar app that allowed users to create lipsync videos. In 2017, it was acquired by a company called ByteDance, and by 2018, it had fully merged into what TikTok is today. 


Although no longer exists, Huddy's videos live on via YouTube, where fans have uploaded many of them so they can continue watching his earlier work. 

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He's already answered the question "is Lil Huddy gay?" online.

Being that Huddy frequently hangs out with girls, this question is definitely one that has come up on social media — and something that Huddy seems to have answered not too long ago. Over the summer, he filled his followers in on a live video, saying, "I'm not gay. I literally hang out with girls."

Later, he echoed his words on Twitter, reminding fans of what he said in that video.


He seems to be in a relationship with a woman. 

Although they've claimed to be just friends, there is heavy speculation that Huddy is actually dating fellow TikTok star Charli D'Amelio, based on the photos they've shared together recently (especially this one). 

In the past, it seems Huddy has also dated women — in 2015, he was rumored to be dating YouTube star Mary-Kate Cooper

He doesn't let gender norms define him.


Anyone who follows Huddy on Instagram and TikTok knows that he doesn't confine himself to traditional gender norms. He's frequently found wearing nail polish — something his fans seem to love about him. 

Of course, Huddy himself is the only one who truly knows where his orientation lies but regardless, it seems like his fans will continue to cheer him on through TikTok for a long time to come. 

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