Saifya Nygaard Secretly Married Boyfriend Tyler Williams In Private Ceremony

This YouTuber is officially married!

Who is Safiya Nygaard's Husband? New Details On Tyler Williams, The Boyfriend She Married In Secret Instagram

When living in the public eye, it's hard to pull off doing anything in secret, but this YouTuber made it happen.

It's official: Safiya Nygaard is married to longtime boyfriend Tyler Williams — and even though they tied the knot months ago, she's just now filling her subscribers in on all the details.

But who is Safiya Nygaard's husband? Here are all the details about Williams and their special day.


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1. Nygaard shared the good news in a new YouTube video. 

In a video that went live on Sunday, Nygaard revealed that she and Williams had gotten married in November, sharing all the details and footage from the big day in the video. It seems that everything about their elaborate event was a tribute to what they love as a couple; they even danced the tango scene from Addams Family Values as their first dance, including the choreography.


They shared everything from the bouquet toss to the getting ready process to the recption celebration at the end of the night, and it seems like they're both very happy to finally be married.

"We are married — weddinged, matrimonied," Nygaard announced.

2. She accidentally dropped a hint that she and Williams were married on Thanksgiving, but many fans missed it.



A post shared by Safiya Nygaard (@safiyany) on Nov 28, 2019 at 3:43pm PST

As Nygaard and Williams pointed out in their wedding vlog, shortly after their wedding, they accidentally posted a photo on Instagram where Williams' wedding band is visible, almost ruining the surprise. The caption mentioned nothing about the wedding; in fact, just from looking at the post, it seems like everything is business as usual (minus that one detail). 


"Thankful for this booger who is spending the day with me editing our next video," Nygaard wrote in her caption at the time.

3. Who is Safiya Nygaard's husband? He's also a YouTuber.

Williams frequently appears in Nygaard's YouTube videos, and he's also a YouTuber in his own right. WIlliams' channel is known for his "Try It Yourself" videos, which focus on him trying to do or make something he's never done before, especially new recipes.

Although Williams seems to have cut back on his own channel over the past year, he can still be found in his new wife's videos — and before he stopped vlogging about eight months ago, she was a frequent star of his videos, too. 

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4. He founded and acts as CEO of NextBeat.

Williams is best known for founding Nextbeat, which the company's Medium page describes as "a real-time video platform that combines the intimacy of livestreaming with the focus and rewatchability of tighter, more compact video. We’re a community of content creators and enthusiasts with hands-on insights about the past, present and future of online video!" 

At the time, the Nextbeat website appears to be defunct, but Williams still has it listed as his main gig on LinkedIn, and the company's status remains active.

5. Nygaard and Williams have been together since 2014.

Back in 2015, Williams celebrated his first anniversary with Nygaard by sharing a photo of the two of them at Disneyland, where they were celebrating one year together (according to his caption). Although WIlliams isn't nearly as active on the social media platform as Nygaard is, she is the main focus of many of his posts, along with their cat, Crusty.

6. Nygaard has begun sharing wedding photos on Instagram.

Now that the news is out, it looks like we can expect a lot more wedding content from Nygaard. She started by sharing this close-up photo of her and Williams standing together in their wedding attire against a brick wall. 


After six years together, Nygaard and Williams are husband and wife, and they both seem pretty pumped about it. Congrats to the happy couple! 

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