Creepy/Cool? You Can Now Wear Jewelry Containing A Loved One's Ashes

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Jewelry Containing Your Loved One's Ashes

We're not sure WHAT to make of this.

There are so many  things that you can do after your loved one is cremated. The popular option used to involve traveling and spreading ashes around the world. But thanks to new technology, you can do much more with your loved one's ashes.

The latest invention is cremation jewelry.

Grateful Glass is a company started by Matthew Olian in 2012. It takes ashes and turns them into beautiful things, like hand-blown glass pendants, rings, cuffs, orbs, stones, urns made with Pyrex glass, and more.

Photo: Grateful Glass

"Although I previously had made many meaningful pieces, never before had I experienced so much positive emotion from one of my creations," writes Olian on Grafteful Glass' website. "It was at this moment that I decided to use my talent in order to bring happiness to others. And so, the Grateful Glass flame was lit."

Photo: Glass Cremation

This company also extends their services to pet cremations. According to their website, they take a small amount of your pet's ashes and fuse them into layers of hot glass to create beautiful memorial jewelry.

The jewelry, cuffs, and stones tend to run around $300, and their urns are $150. When you place your order, they send you a "collection kit" where you give a small amount of your loved one's ashes for processing.

This actually seems like a very sweet idea, which is refreshing since we've seen companies that use ashes to create much dirtier objects