If Your Guy Does These 7 Things, He Probably Hates Your Family

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He Hates Your Family

Family first — always.

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

If your mama is anything like mine, she judges and pinpoints all that is wrong in the lives of her children — and that includes our choice in partner!

But, sometimes our men do the exact same thing. He judges your family members and how you were raised. And not just because they interrogated him like a criminal when you first became an item.

He may even put on a great pokerface. Choosing to spare your feelings, he plasters on a fake smile whenever he is around your family. Still, you can feel his discomfort.

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So, how do you know when your man’s hard exterior is less about his personality and more about your family? What are some signs that your hombre actually hates the family that you love? I’ll tell you, chicas!

1. He never asks about your family. 

You call your mom every day, and yet he never ever asks how she’s doing. He’ll ask about your friends, your neighbor and your cool co-worker, but never your famliia. What gives? Your guy hates your family so much, he doesn’t even care about their well-being. Ouch.

2. He doesn’t call them by their name.

My aunt used to call her ex-husband Fulano de Tal. That’s not his name, though! She just hated him so much, she didn’t want to utter his government name.

Well, the same goes for your man. If he calls your cousin, aunt, uncle — whomever — by any name other than their own, he doesn’t like them. Even if it seems like a term of endearment, he may be disrespecting them. 

3. He never attends your family gatherings.

Whether it’s your cousin’s baby shower or your uncle’s anniversary party, your man doesn’t want any part of it. In fact, he would rather not be your plus one. So, he lets you go to family events on your own, because he can’t stand your family.

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4. He doesn’t call them on their birthday. 

If your moms birthday comes and goes, and she doesn’t hear a peep from your hombre, that’s a terrible sign. The same goes for Mother’s Day. Both holidays (yes, I consider a birthday a holiday!) happen once a year, and your man can’t pick up the phone and wish her well? Burn!

Even if he doesn’t call her, he should wish your mama a happy birthday, or your papa a happy Father’s Day, when they are on the phone with you. Si no, well, you know.

5. He leaves your place when they come to visit.

He dislikes your family so much that he makes a mad dash to the door whenever they come for a visit. He refuses to be the hostest with the mostest! Your family won’t see him during their entire stay, because he wants it that way. It’s like you’re a single woman! 

6. They aren’t even Facebook friends.

One thing that I love about Boo is that he bonds with my family online, too. He always chats with my brother, sister and mother when they call, and he is Facebook friends with many of my family members. If that’s not the case with your man, no es bueno! I mean, everybody is friends with everybody on Facebook!

7. He ignores your family.

Your sister walks into a room, and he doesn’t even say hello. But, he gives his boy a pound and laughs all day when he comes over. Your familia could be in need of a meal or a glass of water, but he won’t speak up and offer to feed them and quench their thirst. They could starve for all he cares. Your sister could sit alone in a corner, and he won’t engage her in conversation.

It’s like your family doesn’t exist. And that, chicas, is the ultimate diss. Your familia never stood a chance. 

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This article was originally published at Latin. Reprinted with permission from the author.