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The #1 Trait That Makes Men Not Trust You, Says Study

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The #1 Trait That Makes Men Not Trust You, Says Study

Online dating can be so tough for women because there are a lot of creeps online. They also know that men are very visual so they must have the perfect photo to put their best foot forward.
Now, there's some very interesting news that might make women put a little less effort in their photos. (Yes, really. Cue: women everywhere rejoicing.)

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Well, ladies, here you go: men don't trust your hot selfies.

Ugh. According to research from the University of Connecticut,  men see a hot woman's photo and instantly think she can't be trusted.

Researchers showed men photos of women. One set was "enhanced," with women wearing makeup and styled hair, while the other set of photos had women with a more natural look.

The men found the women in the enhanced photos as less trustworthy. Women, on the other hand, found more attractive men to be more trustworthy.

In a world where people's judgments are so far off, is there really any hope? Possibly.

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"The guys were very honest in their assessment of the female. They say I do find her more attractive and I do find her less trustworthy and I am OK with it," explains the study's author, Rory Gloin. “Males are so used to seeing women who have been Photoshopped and edited [in society] and they are just skeptical that maybe she's not really that good looking."

More of a reason why society should easy up on the Photoshop so women don't feel pressure to look like something that's fake, and men don't have to be so jaded.

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