What Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Online Dating? [VIDEO]

Just because you meet online doesn't mean that your encounter will be sleazy.

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Even though online dating has become increasingly popular over the years, it's still has its issues according to skeptics. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about how online dating works and who it actually works for. In our modern age of technology, the surprising fact is that some people still find it hard adjusting to the "impersonal" quality that online dating has.

And we get it. The thought of reaching out to someone you don't know for dinner plans can be super scary. Especially if you're unsure of what his (or her) intentions are.


But isn't that the point of dating in general?

Whether you meet someone online or in real life, the conversation must start somewhere. So, why be afraid of connecting with that cute guy whose profile intrigues you?

Just because you meet online doesn't mean that your encounter will be sleazy. Honestly, you never know how much your love life will improve if you put yourself out there and try something new.

In the grand scheme of what keeps people paralyzed and unwilling to take their hunt for love online? We asked our Experts to weigh on the biggest misconceptions about online dating and how these irrational worries get in the way of finding love?


Before you watch, we want to tell you this: there is nothing wrong with finding a mate online. NOTHING.

If you're stuck thinking that love found online is anything less than real, then it's you who has something to learn. YourTango's Founder/CEO Andrea Miller, Anthropologist and Human Behavior Researcher Helen FisherCarole Spivack, LCSW, Psychologist Barbara Holstein and Founder of DateLikeaGrownup.com Bobbi Palmer each weigh in on what it takes to let go of this misperception once and for all.

Not only do they dish on the stereotypes surrounding online dating, they also mention the hidden perks that come along with it.

At 0:52, Dr. Helen Fisher hits the nail on the head when she says, "I think the single greatest misconception about online dating is that it's online dating. It is NOT online dating, it is online introducing ... People think it's unnatural. It's a very natural way to meet people ... It's natural to get to know a host of things about a human being before you meet them."


And if you're worried about safety, or heard one too many catfishing stories, it's normal to be skeptical.  Taking care of yourself is a must when you get out there regardless of whether you meet him online or at church.  In the video Andrea says it best, "It's an important thing to be careful, but also to listen to that sense of intuition. If you feel like something is a little fishy or off, explore that but [don't use] that as an excuse not to try it."

In other words, don't let your fear stop you from putting yourself out there. If you continue hiding behind your insecurities, you'll be waiting for the rest of your life for love and that would be the worst thing imaginable.