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Online Dating Tips For Single Men

Online Dating Tips for Single Men

Why online dating? Honestly, a lot of people must be getting successful hookups otherwise those online dating sites would not prosper. Not only are dating sites prospering they are multiplying.

There are a lot of men with online dating profiles, so the competition is high. Successful dating in this highly competitive situation is going to require some advice, some serious pro-tips. There is a lot of poor online dating advice for men out there that focuses on a cringy list of things to do. So, why not try learning some don’ts where the expectations of the women you are dating is considered

The specific rules of dating may be constantly evolving but our expectations for dating have remained unchanged. Knowledge of date etiquette is always important, but being sensitive to how women feel and think is much more important to fostering a genuine human connection. Here are some practical things for men to avoid as you navigate your attempts at online dating.

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5 specific things men should not do when dating online.

1. Don’t bore a woman with your never-ending novel-like life story no matter how interesting you think it is.

Keeping your stories brief but detailed enough to be interesting is a good strategy. Very long intricate date night monologues, long and winding road e-mails, and full memoir profile bios are boring, especially for women who are not even interested in you yet, and don't be thinking. "my female friends love my stories" because, yes, they might find your tales fascinating, but they already know you. Reserve all those epic stories for the right time. Most women want some mysteries to solve, so don’t ruin the discovery process for them.

2. Don’t drown a woman with too many and too frequent e-mails or direct messages.

These make you to appear over interested and possibly desperate. The high frequency of communication erases your ‘enigma’ and rules out any fun in the prospect of learning and discovering each other. What else is there to talk about when you have already covered every inch of your persona? One or two e-mails a day and a few minutes of texting are good enough. Be aware of what stage you are at in ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ and make the appropriate adjustments for sharing who you are.

3. Don’t talk about sex or anything intimate until she has showed some interest.

Even if she seems to be showing interest in intimacy, don’t make any assumptions as to how far she is willing to go. It is probably best to not even talk about it and play it by ear. Sex talk is a very sensitive topic. When you take the time to get to know who she is and what she expects, you will know whether she is a woman who will push you away because you jumped too soon, or if she will walk away because you are too slow to make a move. Which is her type? You'll know for sure as you get to know her. Give it time.

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4. Don’t weave too many stories that aren’t true.

It is almost impossible to remember every lie or fabrication you tell. You would need to keep a spreadsheet of everything you have lied about, and to whom you have lied. That is too tedious and completely ridiculous and boarders on super-villain behavior. It is far easier and much better to keep everything simple by being honest. If there are certain things you’d rather keep under wraps until you know someone better, then keep it that way by not talking about it until you feel you can trust the person enough to tell them.

5. Don’t oversell yourself in the profile;

Being overzealous has never been a good look in dating, and much less of a good look in the online dating world. A lot of women like men who come off cool and have considerate moves. Men who know exactly what they want. Over eagerness in your profile bio is not an attractive feature women will swoon over. Instead, be bold in your profile writing by showing enough confidence to actually make women want to read more. Set yourself apart from the rest and use a profile picture that speaks a thousand words in a single image. If you need help, ask a woman you know what she honestly thinks of your profile photo.

Most of all, strive to be the man women love to be around.

Be caring, be sensitive, be human. Show interest by asking the right questions. Show loyalty by being available, which means don't be dating too many women. Even if the other women will never know, it is hard to develop a good relationship with one particular woman when your mind is invested in many.

Real life and virtual life are extensions of each other; so these online dating tips are actually reflections of how to be good person in the first place. Cultivate that goodness, and the rest of the challenges of dating will be far easier to face.

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Dating Expert Kimberly James has been involved in the event marketing and dating industry for 15 years. She has integrated her clients into tastemaker events such as Sundance Film Festival, MTV Music Awards, the Academy Awards, Food & Wine Festival and hundreds more.

This article was originally published at Find Your Plus One. Reprinted with permission from the author.