5 Reasons Spooning With Your Boo Makes You Healthier, Says Science

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5 Reasons Spooning Makes You Healthier, Says Science

Physical affection may be the most powerful of all love languages and since spooning provides full-body contact between you and your partner, it's the perfect way to boost your connection ... and your health.

We should all spoon a lot more often but according to recent studies, nearly a quarter of Americans continue to sleep apart! So if you have one goal this week, make it to spend a lot more time in bed cuddling!

1. Hugs are good for your heart.

Not all of us cuddle after sex — but we should. "Hugs have been proven to lower your blood pressure and spooning is a horizontal hug that can last hours!" says Julian Wolf, sexuality educator.

2. Higher oxytocin levels = less stress.

Oxytocin is known as "the feel good hormone," says Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook, clinical sexologist. "Oxytocin has the ability to increase our immune systems and decrease pain. Additionally, it reduces stress, social anxiety and depression. 

Sounds good right?

"Nearly all of us could use more oxytocin release. While spooning with a partner is a fantastic way to achieve this, not everyone has that outlet. If that is the case for you, there are substitute outlets that can assist in achieving the same benefits, such as cuddling with a child or pet, or surrounding yourself with a soft pillow and blankets to create a comfy nest of sorts to allow yourself to feel surrounded," says Bennett-Cook.

3. Breathing together makes for a healthier heart.

Spooning is great for "feel good feelings" and thus can ultimately be good for heart health. Try breathing in synch with your partner while you spoon, says Astroglide's resident sexologist, Dr. Jess.

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4. Relaxation soothes the soul.

Spooning allows couples to feel each other's vibration which, in that state, are calm and peaceful, says sexpert Sheyda Irani. Plus, it's an awesome transfer of energies that promote relaxation and love.

5. You'll have snooze sounder.

Research shows women in long-term relationships sleep better than those who don't have a partner.