These Simple Breathing Techniques Lead To Better Orgasms For BOTH Of You

He'll last longer and she'll come faster! Really!

Breathing Techniques For Preventing Premature Ejaculation & Better Female Orgasms weheartit

By Anka Radakovich

Two of the most common sexual issues sex therapists hear about are premature ejaculation for men and trouble reaching orgasm for women. It seems that while women are trying to have an orgasm, men are trying not to.

The good news is that for every sexual “problem” there is a solution.

To the rescue: breathing techniques!

By controlling your breathing you can control your orgasms. Controlled breathing will also make your orgasms more intense.


Try these 5 techniques for both general stress reduction and relaxed, satisfying orgasms.

1. Breathe through your nose.

Most people breathe through their mouths, which causes shallow breathing.

Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds then exhale slowly. By deliberately doing this, your breathing slows down and you will feel more relaxed.

Do this five times. As you do it each time, try holding your breath longer and exhaling slower.


Try doing this every day. Even if you’re not focusing on your orgasms, you’re learning how to relax for when you do want to control your orgasms.

You can even do this at your desk or at work. Nobody has to know you are practicing your orgasmic breathing techniques!

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2. Coordinate your breathing with your lover.

Try taking deep breaths with your honey as you lie next to them and spoon each other.

Even if it seems ridiculous, at least you'll end up laughing together. Breathing together will definitely make you feel closer.

3. Vary your breath.

Close your eyes and slowly inhale, taking deep breaths every 30 seconds.


For men who want to delay premature ejaculation, keep your eyes closed, breath deeply and slowly, and exhale through your nose.

You want to consciously control your ejaculation. This slows down the build-up of sexual tension (and is a Tantric sex technique).

Doing this will also help you build up a “better” orgasm for later.


4. For the men.

Once you’re actually thrusting, exhale deeply as you thrust inside. Inhale deeply as you pull out.

Try to synchronize your breathing with your partner’s — sort of like synchronized swimming, except that you are matching each other's inhales and exhales.

Your/his boner will also stay erect longer as this “pushes back” the orgasm.

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5. For the women. 

As you feel like you may be approaching an orgasm, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

This is the same technique that yoga instructors use when they tell you to inhale and then “breathe into” your pelvis, which sends the breath down into your sweet spot as you exhale. 

Breathe “into” an orgasm by focusing on your breathing rather than on your orgasm.


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