Why We Love Reverse Spooning


spoons crossed
Being the little spoon isn't just for ladies. Plus, the perfect sex move for spooning.

Are you the big spoon or little spoon when sleeping with your partner? It's commonly assumed that women prefer being the little spoon because they want to feel safe and protected. But many say they also have a need to hug something while sleeping — perhaps as a result of years of sleeping with stuffed animals, but I won't assume anything! Also, what if you get a back itch or feel all claustrophobic? Nice to switch it up sometimes. I read "Sex Tips: The Perfect Move For Couples Who Love Spooning" over on Glamour this morning and it inspired me to query the coworkers: What do you think of reverse spooning? Here are the interesting bits of our convo, transcribed for your enjoyment:

Natalie: I would like everyone's opinions on reverse spooning, as it's something that's not addressed enough on this site.



Natalie: YOU DID?? SHOW ME!!!

Tom: I'm The Inside Spoon And I'm A Dude

Natalie: I love it. Always been fascinated with this.

Tom: Not all the time.

Natalie: Yes, we understand. 

Jessica: My guy HATES being the little spoon.

Natalie: It's good like once in a blue moon, I feel. But otherwise, you just feel, the opposite of emasculated — e-feminated?

Tom: En-masculated?

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