Um ... WHAT? Strippers Are A Hot New Trend At Funerals

Photo: weheartit

This type of grieiving makes us feel dirty.

They say there is no wrong way to grieve, in fact, it's even been said that one should celebrate the life that has passed instead of mourning it. So try to get that in mind as you read this ...

What exactly has us this baffled?  Well, there's this new funeral "trend" in China that's causing quite stir around the globe. 

Apparently the new go-to entertainment for funerals is no longer a singer — but, wait for it — strippers! The goal of the performances is to draw in more mourners, which is seen as good fortune for the afterlife.  

This trend burst into the spotlight last month after photos of a funeral stripper disrobing in front of children went viral Ugh. Yeah. Apparently, six dancers showed up to offer their services at the somber event. Investigators were dispatched and declared that the performance violated public security regulations.

While some funeral guests may love this new entertainment, not everyone is thrilled. In an attempt to stop this trend before it really takes off, China's Ministry of Culture released a statement calling funeral strip shows "obscene" and pledged to crack down on them with arrests and fines, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal

While we do think it's a little strange, getting the police involved may be overkill. After all, isn't it up the family how they choose to celebrate the life of a loved one? That is, if the family is the one actually requesting the entertainment, and as it turns out, that's not always the case.

There have been reports of a least a dozen funeral performance troupes have been offering their services, showing up at funerals unannounced. They aren't hurting for business either — doing as many as 20 performances a month at 2,000 yuan or $322 per performance.

We recommend reserving the exotic dancers for other occasions, but hey, to each his own.