7 Super-Sweet Perks Of Being A Sugar Baby (To A Sugar Daddy)

The hidden benefits behind this controversial lifestyle that no one told you about.

sugar daddy

If life were a movie, being a sugar baby would totally be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all, that role can only be played by women within a certain age bracket. Once you pass that bracket, you can only hit the far from glamorous roles of being a mother, old maid, or cougar (no offense!).

Thankfully, social roles and relationship dynamics are changing and becoming more complicated than that. Being a sugar baby, however, largely maintains its strict age demands and "sugar relationships" rarely allow for any deviation.


There is a reason why, in this still taboo relationship, the women is called the "baby" and the man is the "daddy."

Even though it isn't the most inspirational role for women, the sugar baby lifestyle is idealized because it's associated with youth, beauty, and riches. But being a sugar baby is about more than getting pampered.

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People don't realize that it comes with a lot of duties and requires a major commitment. First and foremost, looking the part is a MUST. You have to look dazzling and desirable at all times. Sugar daddies are usually prominent in their fields, which means their partners have to either be upper class or at least give off that impression.


It goes without saying that discretion is absolutely mandatory. Finally, they must provide the desired forms of companionship that their sugar daddy needs. We're talking about activities inside AND outside of the bedroom.

Despite popular belief, not all sugar babies are strippers or prostitutes. Most of these women have professional careers outside of the sex industry. And as crazy as it may sound, there are some pretty interesting perks of being a sugar baby.

1. Your sex appeal will shoot through the roof.

Every single gift or outfit in a sugar baby's arsenal results in a seriously boosted sense of sex appeal. Because a bigger budget automatically means massive spending sprees, ladies can don nothing but designer fabrics and diamonds. So not only do their gorgeous gowns cost over thousands of dollars, they're tailored for a gal's personal proportions.


If you're curvy, even better! From your hips to your chest, all of your clothes will accentuate your sexiest features in a way that shows you off to the world  but the benefits are clearly all for your sugar daddy.

2. You'll get to travel the world.


Sugar daddies need companions on their worldwide adventures, and sugar babies are much more likely to accompany them than wives and mistresses because they have less responsibilities or commitments.


The private jet quickly becomes their equivalent of a hotel suite between countries. The destinations are endless, and some of them are uniquely exotic which makes them even more ridiculously attractive.

3. Your sexual appetite will be more than satisfied.

Some women are simply into older men. If you're into silver foxes, there are well-tended places where you can find them. In the end, becoming a sugar baby is one of the most socially appropriate ways for women to satisfy their urge of being with mature men.

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4. You'll get to live the glamorous life.



It'll pretty much eliminate the challenges of climbing an economic ladder. Ladies, you'll just jump straight to the top. There will never be a shortage of jewels, gadgets or clothing. Fine imports from around the world are will be at your feet.

5. Paying for school is a doozy.

People usually assume that sugar babies are uneducated. That right there is a major misconception. In fact, many of these crafty young ladies are actually planning for the future by investing their money in higher education.

This is a smart way to avoid student loan debt and it can be much easier than applying for scholarships. Striking a balance between your studies and your commitments to daddy is where the real problem lies.


6. You'll never have to work in the sex industry ever again.


Some strippers become sugar babies with the hopes that they'll leave the club once and for all. Some women would gladly give up their profession to find financial security. The sexual requirements are reduced alongside increased monetary and material gains.


Even if a baby doesn't find her daddy particularly attractive, she is only dealing with one respectful fellow instead of large quantities of swarthy dudes. We don't know about you but that sounds like a sound trade-off.

7. You'll look ten times younger than your actual age.

An emphasis is placed on youthful appearances because of the fact that many daddies prefer the childish side anyway.


As great as the advantages are, keeping up with this lifestyle takes a toll on relationships kept outside of the sugar coupling.

For one, the bond with a sugar daddy is unlikely to result in marriage. The entire affair is concocted as a temporary arrangement. This transaction just happens to include sex, and it is typically expected that feelings will be excluded from the relationship. Marriage can happen, but it is a rare occasion. So if you're hoping to find love out of this situation, guess again.

The bottom line is this: don't drag an innocent party into this lifestyle unknowingly (especially if actual romantic feelings are involved) and don't jump into this lifestyle if you can't handle it. Giving up sugar is not the easiest thing to do, but doing so may in time prove beneficial. And as with most roles-of-a-lifetime, a sugar baby is bound to give her swan song when the time is right.



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