Horrifying: Couple Dies Falling Out Of A Window While Having Sex

couple sitting in window

Talk about a freak sex accident.

Sometime having sex can be risky business — and we aren't just talking about unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STD. Strange occurrences actually happen often enough that there's a show, Sex Sent Me to the ER that focuses on just that. But now there's a new, horrific story that's making headlines:

A couple actually fell out of a window to their deaths while having sex in China.

According to Daily Mail, the couple was in Wuhan when the incident happened. It's believed the couple was trying to keep cool on the hot day by leaning against the window. Unfortunately, they didn't notice that the poor-quality windows in the apartment weren't strong enough to support them. They then fell through.

A witness told The Sun, they saw "the two of them holding each other tight as they fell out of the building."

How terrifying! Their bodies landed close to a bicycle that was already on the ground. No one else was injured by the incident.