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10 Reasons You Should Marry An Emotionally Complex Woman

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loving an emotional woman

Captivating, passionate, opinionated and unapologetically layered, the emotionally complex woman is a mixture of emotions she's able to express deeply, sincerely and often. This doesn’t mean she’s high drama, loud or running low in self-control, it simply means she’s a thinker, and even when quiet, those still waters run deep.

While not for every man, she’s downright magnetic to the thinkers and feelers who appreciate witty banter, theoretical conversations, sensitive gestures and thoughtful debates. And here's why everyone should be interested in loving an emotional woman.

1. She’s not only interesting, she’s interested. 

...And in a hell of a lot more than what kind of car you drive, where you vacation and how much your salary-plus-bonus equates to. She will want to know why you choose to do what you do with your life, if it makes you happy and what other interests you have aside from it.

She’s happy to share information about herself, but she gets joy in hearing what others think and feel and what motivates them. This is how she connects with those around her.

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2. She’s never boring.

The emotionally complex woman is alive. Whether she’s sipping champagne, biting into a new cuisine, in a fit of passion in the bedroom or enthusiastically sharing the joys of her day (or reacting to yours), this is a woman who's big on enjoying each and every experience — mind, body and soul.

3. She’s ruled by her passions. 

Whether she’s going after a goal, fighting for a cause, indulging a hobby or falling in love, she engages her desire with full attention and believes in it down to the bone. Looking for loyalty in excess? This is your gal.

4. She's sincere to a fault. 

She may have a great sense of humor, but she’s quite serious about what matters most to her. Her word tops that list. When she says something, she means it and she has a very hard time understanding those who don’t follow suit. In fact, she tends to have zero tolerance for those who break the word-as-thy-bond decree.

5. She knows who she is. 

Yes, she can overthink things (which admittedly can be a little frustrating for the both of you at times), but there’s an upside to loving an emotional woman who analyzes, thinks and feels so much. It has allowed her the chance to really understand what she likes, doesn’t like, wants and wants to avoid.

This means she’s going to be upfront about how she feels and not waste anyone’s time. She will be pretty clear whether or not you two are a match early on, and if you’re not, well... she'll likely pull away because...

6. She's not into superficial relationships. 

While she can have fun and let loose, she prefers to do so around people she knows, trusts and takes a real interest in, the same people she knows take a real interest in her. She doesn’t have the skin for one-night stands (the stress of the morning after would put her into a panic) and frivolous dating just for the sake of cocktails and conversation. Yawn.

7. She’s low drama. 

You would think all of those emotions would lead to a number of erratic eruptions but, to the contrary, there’s a wisdom and maturity found in these women that allows them to quickly identify what's important and meaningful and what's surface white noise.

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8. She’s not stupid. 

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it has made the emotionally complex woman captivating. As motivations and feelings interest her, she’s the kind of woman who will do a Google search on Grecian dresses and find herself reading about Atlantis two hours later.

She loves history: Yours, Rome’s, the bodega owner’s upbringing, etc. This has resulted in a plethora of fun facts and inquisitiveness that sets her apart from those who want to spend their happy hours talking about housewives.

9. She’s looking for something bigger. 

Whether talking about life, love, friendships or career, she wants something meaningful. This means she’s not going to follow trends, the crowd or anything else other than her own heart, gut, and intuition.

10. She maintains a certain mystery. 

Just when you think you've pegged her bold, she goes bashful. Or you suddenly see your girl boss, boardroom-running executive greet you in an apron with dinner in the oven. This woman abhors being pigeonholed and labeled because deep down, she knows she's a multifaceted female with many sides and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see them, too.

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