This Just In: Holiday Season Is Also Cheating Season (Yikes!)

cheating mural

This is the time of year that people going looking for love … even if they're in a relationship.

The holidays are a spectacular time of year. It's time to spend far too much money on people you only see once a year, a time to get stuck in traffic jams or at airports because of nor'easters, and time, of course, to go looking for a richer, more interesting, and overall, better partner. Yes, this time of year is, definitely, absolutely, positively the best time of year.

Clover, the dating app that lets you check out who's nearby and allows you to rate them on just how serious you are about them, has found that this is the time of year that people going looking for love … even if they're in a relationship. And, much to, well, some surprise, these impending cheaters are mostly women. I mean, who doesn't want to go into the New Year with someone equally new to match?

Since the beginning of December, Clover has seen a 300 percent increase in sign-ups from those already in a relationship. If these people are in polyamory relationships, then woohoo, go them, but if they're not and are just looking to make their lives even more complicated, then that's just a whole pile of mess no one wants to walk into, and OMG, why? Why would you do that to yourself?! But I digress.

Of those people in relationships who are looking to get extra lovin' on the side, almost all fingers point to the ladies, who are surpassing dudes by a whole whopping 33 percent when it comes to numbers. Other people who are looking to trade up, or who are at least looking to trade something are those who don't make so much bank.

People who make less than $60,000 are 2.5 times more likely to go looking for new love even before they've dumped their old love —maybe they hope to get some financial help to pay off all those credit card bills from Christmas shopping once they start coming in after January first? Maybe.

Either way, the fact of the matter is that people in relationships are getting antsy and looking to stray. Could your partner be one of them? Check out the inforgraphic for other stats.



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