Watch Our Writer Dish On The Mistakes That Cost Him His Marriage

Sierge Bielanko on the Today Show

Listen to his raw account of how his married ended—and how he played a major part in his divorce.

Earlier this morning, our writer Serge Bielanko was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda where he talked about why his marriage of twelve years didn't work out—and how he played a major part in his divorce. In his original post on YourTango, he doesn't hold back on how getting "mentally lazy" and being selfish in bed ended up driving a rift behind him and his ex-wife Monica, who also blogs for YourTango.

If we're being completely honest here, one of the reasons why his story resonates so deeply with us is because of the fact that we've all been that person. Hearing him say that "I never dreamed that I would be married in the first place. I got married, had kids and then I never dreamed that I would be divorced. I'm not sure which one I'm worse at" puts everything into perspective. People don't talk about this often but the struggles that come with being married are sometimes self-inflicted.

Let's be real, how many times have we focused on our own desires without ever really thinking about our partner? We've probably all been guilty of taking our significant other for granted and hiding behind that "vow" of forever; it's almost as if we purposely choose to ignore the signs that our selfishness could uproot our entire relationship. Sierge takes this thought even further by saying that "I stopped concentrating on the fact that there's someone else sharing my life with me, you know? I'm sure she would say something to the same effect, that we both became lazy in concentrating on one another and thinking about our life together."

Watch this clip to hear what he has to say about how his married ended and why writing about it was so cathartic for him.