7 Little Things You Did To Send Guys Running After The First Date

man running

Learning to let the little things go is not in the cards for these men — especially when it comes to first dates. What caused them to call it quits before things even had a chance to get started?

Read on to see what they had to say about the weird, the rude and the ugly dealbreakers that sent them running.

1. Debated The Category Of Cheerleading
"A girl in college that I was on a date with once asked if I thought cheerleading was a sport. I said yes, since it fell under the Athletic department. For the rest of the night she kept bringing it up, completely off topic. For example, when I asked what she wanted to eat she said, 'Well, what do cheerleaders eat to prepare for their sport?' When I took her home, I said goodnight, and she said, 'You know it's not REALLY a sport, right?'" -Mike, 31

2. Made Rude comments
"I was once on a first date with a girl who I thought was so sweet and kind hearted, but when the waitress brought her the wrong drink by accident, she was so rude and belittling. I was embarrassed, and left the waitress an extravagant tip with a note that read 'sorry for her.' At the end of our date I said, 'I don't think I'm the guy for you.'" -Joe

3. Discussed Strange Hobbies
"I dated a woman whose hobby it was to paint pictures of women's bathing suits, and she suggested on our first date that orange was not a good color on me. I was wearing a burnt orange sweater. That date was one and done." -Mike, 53

4. Had Bad Table Manners
"Not knowing how to hold eating utensils properly. On top of the fact that it gets on my nerves, it also makes it next to impossible to bring a girl home to family. Or even friends, for that matter." -Nick, 27

5. Discussed Politics
"Please avoid this topic on a first date at all costs. I don't need to know your views on abortion, or why you think the Democrats/Republicans are evil." -Shane, 37

6. Sneezed
"I took a girl out on a date during the height of allergy season. I was willing to look beyond her sneezes, which were happening every 10 minutes or so, until she accidentally sneezed right on me...and all over our dinner. I never called her again." -Caleb, 22

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7. Disrespected Mom
"I'm already annoyed when I'm on a date with a girl and she's checking her phone the entire time, but I gave this girl the benefit of the doubt when she apologized and said, 'I should take this, it's my mom.' The way she spoke to her mom was really condescending, and I wasn't interested in seeing her after that." -James, 27