7 Sexy AF Women You Can Role-Play In The Bedroom To Drive Your Man INSANE

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role-playing sex games

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

When you've been with someone for a while (or if you're not a risk-taker by nature), sex can get boring. Instead of your toes curling every other night, you put your socks on and snooze away to Dreamland. But even if you’re getting it on the regular, sex can still become monotonous. Missionary, cowgirl, back to missionary — sex has never been so vanilla.

So, how do you get your groove back? By pretending to be Stella. Although, you don't need to take a trip to Jamaica. Instead, play a part.

Here are seven role-playing sex games to star in while in the sack:

1. Pick A Culture, Any Culture


Whether you're a Bollywood star and decide to belly dance your way to his groin, or you're a prim and proper Brit that needs to let loose with a spanking, choosing a culture to model your sexy behavior can bring creativity into lovemaking. Change your accent. Add dialogue. Do whatever you please as someone other than a Latina. You don't even have to be politically correct!

2. Let Me Be Your Superhero


Can I be your hero, baby? Yeah, you can! Dress up like the iconic Lynda Carter and be his Wonder Woman. Use your sexiness and badass power to whip him into shape. Whether he's the one you save or the villain you zap, it's up to how dirty you want to play it.

3. Hola Mami?


Use his momma's boy complex to your advantage and give him a little extra TLC ... while playing the role of a doting mother. Tuck him into bed, soothe him with baby talk, or cook him some chicken soup before you let him suck on your nipple. That's a good boy!

4. WrestleMania


Tussling on the floor isn't just for wrestlers. You can dress up and become Mil Máscaras or El Santo, and be just as infamous. As a matter of fact, the pre-sex skin-to-skin contact is perfect foreplay. Grab his butt or fondle his penis while you have him where you want him. Pin your guy before getting freaky!

5. Take a Stab at Game of Thrones


If you've ever watched Game of Thrones, you know that everyone is pretty much naked. Banging like rabbits is kind of their thing, making them a perfect inspiration for your sex life. Go to a costume store and find a get up. Once you have conquered your mate revel in your power, like Cersei. Just don't mention any brotherly love.

6. Do Like La Lopez Does


Every Latina can admit that J.Lo oozes sex appeal, especially when she dances. Get on the floor (your bedroom floor that is), shimmy like La Lopez does on stage and become his personal performer. Dance the night away and take him to international waters as you rock his world.

7. Create a "Scandal"


He can be your President and you can be his mistress/campaign manager. Throw on a power suit and play out one of Fitz and Olivia's epic telephone conversations. Add her quivering lip for full effect before and after Mr. President inaugurates your lady parts.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.