'RHONY' Ramona Singer Not Divorcing Cheating Husband, After All?

'Real Housewives Of New York' star Ramona Singer and estranged husband Mario Singer

'RHONY' star Ramona Singer revealed she may not be divorcing her cheating hubby after all!

Ramona Singer made it very clear that she wouldn't put up with now-estranged husband Mario's crap — especially not his affair with mistress Kasey Dexter. How did Singer explain that she wouldn't tolerate infidelity? She served him divorce papers!

But it turns out, she may not bother signing them. In an appearance on Bethenny, the Real Housewives Of New York City star hinted that she and Mario may be working it out after all.

"I know that you've had some issues at home and you are dealing with that publicly, is that all on the show?" hostess and Singer's former RHONY co-star Frankel asked.

"Well, you'll see Mario and I together," Singer admitted.

But don't expect to see their marital strife on air ... at least not just yet.

"Right now I am going through some adversity but through adversity you become stronger and you know what I have me, myself and I," Singer explained. "None of this happened until after the show. My situation with my husband didn't happen until just a couple of weeks ago."

(Somewhere Andy Cohen is seething.)

Frankel asked, "Do you feel like you have a new lease on life? Are you heartbroken? Because I've just gone through something too."

Singer replied, "No, really right now I don't know where anything is going. I have myself, I have my friends. I know my husband loves me, he knows that I love him and we will see what happens."

Addressing the audience, Singer noted, "Nothing is written in stone, life is an evolution. Again, ladies and gentlemen, as long as you feel good about yourself you can handle anything."

Indeed, it appears that Mario is trying to make it work. Sources say he's cut off all contact with 32-year-old Dexter, who was left heartbroken herself (as is usually the case with "other women"). Further, a spy told Us Weekly that Mario and Ramona Singer were actually spotted on a date a few weeks ago after the bombshells dropped. "The two requested a private area where they could spend time alone away from staff and other guests," the insider said. "The two were joking around and being affectionate."

Still, even that wasn't all roses: The witness said Mario left after Ramona appeared to get upset about something. Ay yi yi!

Frankel may have put it best. "It's not a black and white situation," she said. "People might see something as a black and white situation but you've been on a journey together."

Singer agreed. "Yeah, 25 years," she sighed. "Everything will work out the way I want it to work out."

Damn right, Ramona! You do you. And Mario? Just don't do other women. Especially not in your wife's house.