Nude Beach Tragedy: Woman Dies After Man Tosses Her Off Jet Ski

jet ski beach

When baring it all in public goes awry.

[UPDATE: 7/21/2014]

In a shocking twist to this bizarre story, Pamela Doster — the woman whose husband, Michael, repeatedly threw her off a Sea-Doo last week — has died.

"This takes our cast to a different level," says Randy Warren, the Sheriff office spokesperson. "We need to know exactly what happened. We can say that Michael Doster is a suspect." Officers are looking for witnesses, especially the man Michael was with.

Such a sad, sad turn of events in this story. Our condolences to Pamela's family.

Last week we brought you the best nude beaches in America, and now we're bringing you what can go totally wrong at nude beaches. Example: seeing your S.O. get dirty with someone else.

Yikes! That's what reportedly happened to 45-year-old Pamela Doster at Tampa Bay's Passage Key (a nude beach with serious underlying innuendo in its name). All jokes aside things got serious at nudist-friendly Passage Key when Pamela caught her husband of two years with another man. Oops. Michael Doster and the other man were "giving each other a blow job." Busted, Michael! You can't hide it when you're nakie.

Pamela confronted Michael, and an argument ensued. Like, a really bad one. One that involved Michael throwing Pamela off a Sea-Doo (AKA jet ski) multiple times. What the —? "During the last time she was pulled off she hit her head against the side of the jet ski," the detailed police report filed at a Manatee County Sheriff's Office explains.

Apparently Michael was calling out for her, but she was through with his B.S. and refused to answer. That's when Michael (who wasted a lot of energy to toss her off the jet ski) decided to call 911. Rescue workers found Pamela in a sandbar, wearing a life jacket. (Naked underneath the life-saving device, obviously).

The police report describes Pamela's injuries: a bruised head and biceps, a bump on her head and a "large swollen area to her left hip area." It is worth noting that both Pamela and Michael were drunk at the time. Booze and blow jobs don't mix well if you're married (and your wife isn't present).

What a horrific day at the nudie beach. We hope Pamela recovers well — she was sent to a local hospital following the incident.

If you do decide to take it all off at the beach, be careful! And always wear a life jacket on the Sea-Doo!