Top 10 Romantic Movies To Make You Fall In Love Again

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Romantic might seems to be a single term for you to deal with, but it got immense meaning to it.

Romantic might seems to be a single term for you to deal with, but it has an immense meaning to it. It is the perfect way to express love, care and also purest feeling, coming straight from the deepest core of your heart.

There are so many ways, which you can avail in order to lift up your mood and one can be watching a romantic Hollywood movie. There are times, when a movie can be your best companion and the perfect way to lift up a gloomy mood. You can try and go for the perfect option, when it comes to the top movies, which have been made.

Coming in terms with top 10 Hollywood movies

1. 50 First Dates: This can be defined as the perfect movie, with the best comic timing with Drew Barrymore and this movie was directed by Adam Sandler. This movie is going to be a cute rom-com for you to get hold of and the story line is also quite simple. Henry will fall in love with Lucy and he will try his level best in order to win her heart.

2. P.S I Love You: This entire story line is based on the novel by Cecelia Ahern and this film revolves around Holly and her husband Gerry, who died due to a fatal disease. Gerry leaves Holly some letters, which will help them to get over the death of the husband and start her life afresh.


3. Casablanca: This love story was set in the year 1942 and it's a love story captured in the raw form. This film was based on the play, "Everybody Comes To Rick’s," and this platform is going to talk about the love of his life and what to choose in between his duty and love.

4. A Walk To Remember: This story is based on the bestseller of Nicholas Sparks, where the story will tell you how a college hero falls deeply in love with a social outcast. He first thought tat it will not be easy to fall in love with her teacher, but finally gives into her love, as cupid strikes. Played by Shane West and Mandy Moore, this story is a tear jerking experience for all.


5. One Fine Day: This story can be defined as a lovely rom-com, which stars Michelle Pfeiffer and also George Clooney, as Melanie and Jack, respectively. They played the roles of single parents and they cam under the same umbrella, due to their children. In between their jobs and taking care of children, they did not eve realize when they had fallen for each other.


6. Love Story: This story by Eric Segal became the masterpiece of all the romantic movies, of all time. The characters of Oliver and Jennifer were played by Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw. This story can be well defined as a tragic love story.

7Titanic: an epic of all times, nothing can compensate Titanic. This is a love story between a rick maiden Rose and a poor Jack. The movie even won many Oscars.


8. Gone With The Wind: It revolves around a classic story and can be defined as a passionate love story, revolving around 4 individuals. You will come across many immaculate performances, as well.


9. Twilight Saga: A modern day vampire story, this movie revolves around a way, through which, a normal girl gets attracted towards a vampire and falls in love with him. This story is based on the book by Stephanie Meyer.


10. Serendipity: A story about love at first sight, where Sara and Jonathan leave love to their fate. Their main aim was to see if they are actually made for each other or not. You can try and get hold of the best movies, in order to leave life afresh.

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