New Survey: Parents Are Desperately In Need of More Alone Time

confessions of sexually active parents

Data uncovers that American parents are getting creative!

The makers of Trojan™ Lubricants in collaboration with YourTango released a national survey today, examining the sex lives of American parents. The survey uncovered 78 percent of parents report diminished sex lives after having children. The good news is that sex and pleasure are still a priority to most parents, with 40 percent of parents saying that if they had an extra hour in their day they would spend it having sex with their partner.

In an effort to help parents bring the pleasure back into their relationships, the makers of Trojan™ Lubricants partnered with Your Tango to tap the real experts – parents – to share their stories, experiences and tips on making the most of limited alone time.

"As a mom I know that between work and kids, finding alone time with your partner can be a challenge to say the least," said Logan Levkoff, Sexual Health Educator, Member of the Trojan™ Sexual Health Advisory Council and mom of two. "Happy parents equal happy children, and intimacy plays an
important role in keeping couples connected. After children, many couples become better communicators, which makes it easier to be open about your wants and needs, whether it’s incorporating Trojan™ Lubricants or experimenting with a fantasy."

While today's parents say the reasons for a diminished sex life are busy schedules (27 percent), the need for extra sleep (25 percent), and children always being around (21 percent), they are still finding ways to get creative and make pleasure a priority. Top tips from the parent experts include:

  • Make pleasure-enhancing products a mainstay in the bedroom: 68% of parents turn to lubricants and nearly 58% turn to vibrators to help set the mood and achieve the big “O”. Fortunately the makers of Trojan™ offer a full line of lubricants and vibrators to help parents spice things up and increase the pleasure.
  • Of those who haven't yet explored the pleasure aisles of their local retailer, 71 percent are interested in trying products to enhance pleasure and maximize the little alone time they have.
  • Create a sexy secret language: Parents have taken to using code words to build anticipation for their bedtime activities. "Back rubs" and "business meetings" have taken on a whole new meaning!
  • Plan a "sex-it" strategy: While more than 41 percent of parents say they need to be more flexible and spontaneous with their sex lives now that they're parents, it's important to schedule time away from your kids. Plan a play date for you and your partner alone, giving you more time to reconnect.
  • Sexting: More than half of parents have sent steamy photos or texts to each other. Creating a sense of excitement and anticipation throughout the day can be a great way to start foreplay hours before you make it to the bedroom.
  • Open the lines of communication: The survey showed a direct correlation between the level of open, honest communication and the level of sexual satisfaction that parents experience, with 40 percent of parents being more comfortable expressing their wants and needs post children.

"The survey made it clear that parents are striving to maintain that passion by trying new things in the bedroom," said Bruce Weiss, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan™ Sexual Health products. "They're looking for products that make the most of their alone time and Trojan™ is answering that call with our new line of Lubricants."

The makers of Trojan™ Lubricants are committed to providing the tools everyone needs to experience pleasure – this includes parents too.

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About The Survey
TROJAN™ Lubricants’ “Sex After Kids” survey was created in partnership with and distributed by YourTango, a premiere media company dedicated exclusively to love and relationships, as a part of the TROJAN™ Lubricant “Confessions of Sexually Active Parents” campaign. Over three weeks, 1,055
respondents were surveyed with a 32-question online assessment. The survey was nationally distributed electronically and promoted via YourTango’s homepage.

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