8 Poor Souls Reveal The WORST Places They Were Ever Dumped

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There's a time and a place for everything but some people didn't get get that memo.

Admit it: You've been dumped in some horribly awkward place, and you've lived to tell the tale, haven't you?

Although dramatic breakups in public places that lead to the inevitable thought of, "Is this really happening right now?" might seem like the stuff of teen movies, the fact is that far too many of us have experienced legit, scarring, too-surreal-to-be-true dumpings.

Relationships, man. They can really be the worst.

We asked a few people to divulge the worst places their exes decided to call it quits. Some are funny, some sad, but mostly they all make you think, "I'm glad I wasn't in this person's place."

1. On vacation:

Sometimes it’s not just about bad location, but bad timing, too.

"I was on a vacation that I took every year for my birthday. My boyfriend of seven years couldn't make it, but told me to have fun. We'd been having a rough time, but I thought things were getting better.

He talked to me on the phone for the first two days as if he missed me, but on the third day he said he'd been thinking, and it wasn't OK that I left. He then told me not to come home. I was stranded five hundred miles away from our house." — Chandra, 27

2. McDonald's

Although John, 31, went on to have a "real" job, his part-time job in high school just wasn't good enough for his girlfriend at the time.

"It was my first real girlfriend in high school, and I'd taken her out to lunch after we'd gotten stoned driving around town. She told me that she didn't think it would work because of my job (I worked at a gas station, because I was 17!), and that she needed someone with 'more direction' in their life.

I just continued to eat my chicken McNuggets as she went into this long spiel, with fake tears and the works. I didn't know what else to do."

3. In bed ... after sex

"One night in bed (after sex), I was being sweet and said, 'Babe, do I make you happy?' and he said, 'I don't think so.' That was the beginning of my divorce." — Colleen, 30

4. A tea parlor

Somewhere over tea and dumplings, Chiara, 27, found herself on the wrong side of breakup.

"The waitress kept coming over and he was getting flustered, saying, 'JUST GIVE US A MINUTE!'"

5. On a Ferris wheel

"I wish I could say this was a joke, but I got dumped on a Ferris wheel in high school. He decided it was time to see other people just seconds after I told him about my fear of heights. Like he just couldn't wait until we were back on the ground or anything, huh?"  Leigh, 31

6. In a car

"My ex had been sick in the hospital for quite some time, and I was taking care of our child and going to see her everyday. On the ride home from the hospital, after shed been released, she told me that it was over and she had met someone else — at the hospital — and he had the same name as me." — Henri, 31

7. At the home of his mistress

"I had a dream that my on-again, off-again boyfriend of seven years was bumping a lady I met the night before in a dirty NYC bar bathroom. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, so I hunted him down first thing the next morning.

Turns out he was at that lady's house, and they'd been having an affair for months. That was the end of that. No more on-again with him." — Molley, 33.

8. After prom

I think we can all agree that high school, in general, is the worst for poorly planned breakups.

"I was dumped after the prom at my friend's after-party. Worst part was his father took all of our keys (no drinking and driving), and refused to give me them back. Essentially I was stuck at a party with my now ex-girlfriend." — Nate, 35