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Celeb Family Feud: Beyonce's Sis Solange Tries To Assault Jay Z!

Solange Knowles, Beyonce and Jay Z on vacation together

Beyonce was embroiled in some serious family drama at the 2014 Met Gala when Solange went nuts and physically assaulted Jay Z.
The incident went down in an elevator in the Boom Boom Room. Beyonce tries to stay out of the way of the out of control Solange, who a bodyguard struggles to hold back from kicking Hov in the crotch. In fact, it looked sort of like the choreography from one of her videos:


Solange also sends a purse flying, almost hitting her sister -- Queen Bey herself -- in the head. You can watch the insanity go down right here:

It looks like Beyonce tries to stay out of the way to avoid either a bigger problem or to just not mess up her Met Gala gown. After it all went down, Beyonce got into a waiting car with Solange, while Jay Z took a separate SUV. Page Six reports that earlier (and later) in the evening, Solange looked pretty surly, though up to this point, no one knows what the heck they were arguing about.

Still, we have a feeling we know what's going on in Beyonce's head:

When Solange and Jay Z likely first had words with one another, but hadn't gotten too explosive yet:

When Solange got too close with that handbag:

When Solange kept going:

Looking over at Jay Z (if he deserved it, that is):

Why Jay Z and Solange should be glad Beyonce didn't get involved:

When asked if she has a comment on the incident, Beyonce will probably say ...

But inside, she's saying:

And she likely reminded everyone just before exiting the elevator: