Happy Birthday, Beyonce! 5 Reasons Men Find Her So Sexy

We're celebrating the star's birthday with five reasons why she's so irresistible.

Birthday Beyonce

Happy Birthday, Beyonce!

While all of us women are praying we look like she does at 31, the men out there are drooling over the sexy star, and we don't blame them! She's sexy, successful, loveable, down-to-earth ... basically, every adjective you'd describe someone you love will fit for this hot mama!

So, here's our list of five (yes, we narrowed it down to five somehow) reasons why men and women alike find Beyonce to be oh-so-sexy:


1. We'll go with the most obvious first: just take a look at her! Whether she's in a black tutu singing about "Single Ladies," or in a shoulder t-shirt and leggings walking hand-in-hand with hubby Jay-Z, this star is s-e-x-y. Her "Bootylicious" body shows that women with curves cannot be stopped. Last year at MTV's VMAs, Beyonce showed the crowd — in the cutest way ever — that she and Jay-Z were expecting their first child, Blue Ivy. Even while pregnant, the star looked glowing, stunning and flawless. Beyonce & Jay-Z Introduce Baby Blue Ivy Carter With Photos!

2. She has a mature relationship with Jay-Z. We don't see her breaking up and making up and singing about it. Ever. Beyonce and hubby Jay are probably one of the quietest couples in Hollywood – they just happen to have two of the strongest voices and bank accounts. We think it's super sexy that Bey doesn't let her fame get in the way of having fun with her man, and she keeps their private life, private. That's hot. 


3. She has a killer voice. Turn on "Listen" from Dreamgirls and tell me that her voice isn't a soul-shattering. Not only can she hit every high and (very) low note, but Beyonce also gets the emotion through loud and clear. She makes it perfectly clear that she's a strong woman when singing "Irreplaceable" and "Who Run The World (Girls)." No one wants to mess with her ... or everyone does, depending on how you look at it.

4. She's a badass. While she may be a good girl to her hubby and daughter, Beyonce is not one to mess with. You've seen the movie Obsessed, right? On-screen and off, Bey shows that a gorgeous pair of eyes and a smile does not make one weak. This girl can kick some butt, and looks damn good doing it. She's got that "I'm-sweet-but-can-hold-my-own" look that is definitely h-o-t.

5. She's there for her girlfriends. Need we say more? As a lead singer in girl group Destiny's Child, Beyonce rocked! She didn't overpower the other women, but showed that she had what it takes to rock on her own. No matter what topic the trio was singing about — whether it was a annoying man or a cheap ex — Beyonce always steered her bandmates right. And she's still friends with them today!

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