It's Science: Why Your 'Headache' Excuse Is Actually Legit


... but his isn't!

Contrary to some old wives' tales that women are made of stone when it comes to pain (we do bear the babies after all), the reality is that we can't handle pain without somehow being affected. While this may not diminish our capacity to remain tough as nails in situations where men may crumble, it does force our sex drive to dwindle and, in some cases, become non-existent.

A new study found that female mice who experience inflammatory pain are less likely to spend time with their male counterparts, which means sexy times are zero to nil. It's a rather a different tune to what we've heard in the past about how sex is some sort of miracle cure-all that will erase pain with one magic orgasm, but I digress. The study went on to find that once those female mice were treated for their pain, they were all ready to get busy again. Dude mice, on the other hand, were willing to work through the pain, or at the very least ignore it, if it meant that they would get some.

Jeffrey Mogil, the co-author of the findings, believes that the reason for this is biological, as opposed to one influenced by outside sources, like the media. While we're all familiar with the cliché, "I have a headache," as a means for some women to get out of sex, Mogil believes that this has no bearing whatsoever on the fact that women are likely to roll over and away from their partner when pain is an issue.

But hold on! Before you think this is just some study that is meant to once again prove the biological differences between the genders, there is an upside to all this. As Professor James Pfaus, of the Centre for Studies in Behavioral Neurology at Concordia University and another co-author of the study notes, this insight is essential in figuring out how sexual responses are organized in the brain. In turn, this leads to the understanding of "how particular ailments, along with their treatments, might impact the sexual lives of women and men."

Takeaway? If you are one of the many people out there who experience a decrease in your sex drive because of certain medications you're on, this study is one step closer to saying goodbye to those side effects, therefore securing a society that's horny and DTF! And isn't that the main goal with all these scientific studies? Achieving DTF people the world over?

The body is a weird, wonderful, and perfectly constructed work of art. It's a mysterious vessel that will never be quite figured out, as been made clear by never-ending contradicting studies and findings. Perhaps it is true that sex is an easy at-home remedy for headaches, but biologically, it's up to the women to overcome that initial pain to get to the cure … Perhaps? But then again, who knows. It wasn't long ago that sex was considered part of the problem when it came to headaches.

I say do what works for you, and if that means snubbing your partner every time you have even the slightest ache or pain, then good for you. Knowing how to respond to the ups and downs of your body is far more important than what a study may try to dictate to you.