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My Husband Gave Me An STD. What Should I Do Now?

Heartbreak, Sex

There is one crucial step you should take before you confront your husband.

You've been married for fifteen years, have been 100% faithful to your husband but learn you have an STD during a routine doctors visit. What do you do now? 

Marriage therapist Theresa Maples offers a 4-step guide to dealing with this confusing and stressful situation. You may not know where to turn but the helpful advice by Maples will give you a head start to healing and figuring out your future. 

Watch the video to see the steps you should take if you're in this position but one things for sure — don't do anything rash or sudden. Whatever you decide to do with your life is up to you but it's best to make major decisions after a certain cool down period. The expert agrees! 

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