22 Signs You May Be Addicted To 'The Walking Dead'

'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead is alive! The show returns this Sunday night to finally fill that zombie void in your life. Where did we leave off? Spoiler alert starts now!

Oh yes, one of the main characters is dead and finally the Governor got what had long been coming to him (applause for Michonne). Now with everyone split, it's back on the road for Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the group. You know what that means: More zombie attacks!

Do you think about such zombie apocalypse on a daily basis? Would you faint if you saw Norman Reedus in person? Then you might be addicted to The Walking Dead. Here are more signs you've been bit: 

Two words: Norman Reedus. All day, every day:
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TV Love: 22 Signs You May Be Addicted To 'The Walking Dead'
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If they ever kill off Daryl, you will boycott the show:
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Especially if Carl outlives Daryl. Shut up, Carl.
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You still hate Lori because every time her name is mentioned you are reminded of her awfulness. You pray you never have to befriend a Lori:
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October used to be your favorite month because of Halloween, however you now count down the days till The Walking Dead premieres in October:
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Although, you are sure to find a dude on Halloween dressed up as Rick Grimes, and when you do, you just can't resist:
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You have never been more prepared for the zombie apocalypse:
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In fact, you've had multiple in-depth conversations with your friends about where you would hide out and who would be in your post-apocalyptic group:
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Somehow you try to relate all your life experiences to things that have happened on The Walking Dead:
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"Things … and stuff" has become one of your regular phrases and it drives your friends nuts:
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Emotionally, you've reached a place where you would kill a walker without even hesitating:
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Sometimes you wonder if Daryl is ever going to run out of crossbow arrows:
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Even missing an episode of Talking Dead upsets you:
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You consider the episode a bust when walkers don't somehow invade the prison:
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There are few characters that you genuinely like, which is why you barely cared when Shane, Merle and Dale died:
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However, when they killed Hershel, you couldn't help but feel like they were killing one of your family members:
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You absolutely despise people who refer to Rick Grimes as "that guy from Love Actually":
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You've legitimately thought about how you would date during an apocalypse:
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When they alluded to the fact that there may be a relationship between Daryl and Carol:
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Sometimes the show is a little too violent for you, but you can't look away:
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Seriously, Carl sucks:
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And here's a gif of Daryl Dixon holding a baby, in his perfectly sculpted arms:
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