15 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Boyfriends On The Planet

15 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Boyfriends On The Planet

We all have those moments when you look at your boyfriend and think, "Man, life would be so much easier if he were a dog". Even the idealized boyfriends of our fantasies would never measure up in real life (I’m looking at you, Gosling). That doesn't’t mean that you don't love your BF, but let's be real; a dog is way less complicated.

You are their entire world

They never stray

They will geek out with you

They are always excited to see you

They don't complain about your taste in music/movies/TV shows (more Sex and the City? Hell yeah!)

They are total cuddle monsters

They so don't care what you look like in your sweats on a Friday night They just want to snuggle up too.

They'll never bail on you for a boy's night out (let's stay in and veg!)

They are very apologetic when they do something wrong

They love your friends (More friends = MORE CUDDLES!)

They will do anything to make you smile

They will totally smack some sense into you when you need it

They will help you clean the house

They will serenade you

And best of all, they love you unconditionally