15 Reasons Owls Make The Best Boyfriends


Okay, so our new obsession is owls. Why, you ask? Because they are adorable! And for you nocturnal boys and girls out there, they totally make the best boyfriends to snuggle up with and love. Read on to find out why.



They can pull this move Just imagine that on the dance floor!

They are super slick

They are tough in the face of adversity…and chilly weather

They are super flexible, so you just know they'll be up for yoga with you

Give them a little lovin' and they are way chill

They are always up for cuddles

They'll totally pick up dinner (and be super stealthy about it)

They are total badasses who will defend you to the end

But if all else fails, they will also hide out with you until danger passes

They'll always be surprised when you have big news

They are essentially just big balls of fluff, and who doesn't love that?

They are very inquisitive, and are interested in what you're doing

They will get sassy with you when you need it

They get as excited as you about rom coms

Plus, some of them kind of look like Hedwig, and for the major geeks out there (aka your devoted author), that's awesome