Romantic New Year's Eve Ideas: How 7 Couples Plan To Celebrate

new year's eve kiss

After celebrating the holidays with your family and beau, it's time to start solidifying your New Year's Eve plans. Or, more importantly, finding the best way to avoid the Times Square-style masses but still make it a special, romantic night.

Is a night in too boring? Is going out unromantic? We asked a few of our readers what they were doing this year to help you and your significant other find the best way to ring in the new year.

Make it a game night
If you want to stay warm and skip getting dressed up then stay in, throw on some pajamas and take some shots! You can make it an intimate night with your partner, or be more like this couple and share the fun with friends.

"We're just going to a pajama party at a friend's house. We take family games and add a twist to make them more fun. Like if you land on a 'lose your turn' you do a shot or something since we’re all adults. And of course we will watch the ball drop too! But the pajama part just makes it more comfortable and fun. I'm sure at least one person will be in an adult onesie." — Ashlynn D., 22

Have a getaway for two
In order to really amp up the romance you can always go to a restaurant that has a view, or make a road trip to spot with beautiful scenery.

"Last year we went to a restaurant overlooking the ocean to watch fireworks. A friend of mine is doing something similar on a yacht." — Christina H., 29

"It's not officially planned, but I might go to Niagra Falls, or maybe a road trip to a major city together like Nashville with my girlfriend. I'd say a nice trip to the beach but that's too cliche." — Jared C. 23

Have a relaxing night with drinks
Of course you can always have a low-key night with your favorite drink. You can always throw another activity to spice things up.

"I'm going to get our favorite wine and we'll cook lasagna together." — Lindsay E. 22

Hosting an open house
Don't want to go out? Let the party come to you.

"We live pretty far out in the country. I'll probably go horseback riding with my friends, and then in the evening, we'll stay home. We're having an "open house" get together for anyone who wants to drop by on New Year's Day." — Virginia C., 50

Celebrating something else
For some couples, the New Year isn't the star of the celebration — their relationship is.

"My boyfriend and I are celebrating New Years (and our one year anniversary) together in sunny San Diego! We can't wait!" — Rebekah R., Facebook

"Celebrating exactly nine years together on New Year's. We were high school sweethearts (20+ yrs ago) and bumped into each other on New years eve at a bar/restaurant. We shared the most magical kiss ever ... and have been together every single day since then." — Leticia M.