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Gift Ideas For Boyfriends: 10 Ideas For Even The Pickiest Of Guys

Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

When it comes to giving gifts, we love how generally low-maintenance men tend to be. We could wrap up an iTunes gift card, slap a bow on a bottle of bourbon, or even throw together a basket of homemade cookies, and they'd be happy, mostly.

But what happens when your man has all the latest toys, or a tie just won't do on the holidays (no matter how nice)? Or, better yet, what if you're bored with all the usual gifts?

That's where we come in. We've scouted some great gifts so that when the holidays roll around, you're prepared with something he'll never forget.

Here, 10 gifts even the pickiest guys will love.

For The TV Lover

If he's always glued to the tube, and if his DVR can't keep up with his perpetual appetite for television, TiVo's all-new Roamio DVRs might just be his dream machines. Called "the holy grail of set-top boxes," by the Wall Street Journal, the Roamio Pro can record and live stream up to six shows at once and holds up to 450 HD hours of recordings. (To put this in perspective, the DVR that comes with his cable records 60 HD hours if he's lucky,) The best part? TiVo is now lets him stream shows to his iPad or iPhone, to watch them anywhere, from the gym, to his office, to the ballet ... wait ... just because he can doesn't mean he should (, starting at $199, plus service).

For The Guy On The Go

Part messenger, part camera carrier The Union Street camera and laptop bag, is all smooth sophistication. Handcrafted from waxed canvas and leather this baby is as roomy and durable as it is attractive. It has space to hold his laptop, camera, and up to three lenses (, $289).

For The Sports Fiend

For the jersey-wearing, stat-reciting superfan, nothing could be finer than a piece of the action. You can give him just that, collection of infield dirt from all 30 ballparks in the big leagues. We know, a collection of dirt sounds like a bizarre gift, but that's precisely why it's the right one for the dude who yells at the television. And hey, at least the handcrafted wood box is pretty (, $249).

For The Guy Who Has Everything

Question: What to give this particular brand of Renaissance man, likes a little bit of everything — and has a little bit of everything too? Answer: You give him a little bit (more) of everything! Bespoke Post is a subscription service especially for men. And cultured men at that. Boxes can be anything from a limited edition weekender bag with concierge service from Jetsetter of a "Swagger" clothing package to a barrel-aged cocktail kit or all the fixings for a perfect cup of coffee. Better yet, you purchase the gift certificate for one, three, or six boxes, and then he gets to choose what he wants. There are three boxes for the picking each month, and if nothing is appealing he can wait for a new round (, from $45 for one box).

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For The Brainiac

You can never keep up with all that he's reading, and (let's be honest) you love it. Keep your bookworm in business with a personally curated book collection. You simply provide a bit of information and Book/Shop will do the rest, pulling together 10 unique tomes, both in and out of print (, $150).

For The (Thoughtful) Mountain Man

His backpack is always packed and ready to go just in case a last-minute outdoor opportunity crops up, and he can pitch a tent (the kind you sleep in) in one minute flat. Campfires? No problem. But your lover of the great outdoors also seeks to enjoy his natural habitat without hurting it, so he'll dig the Pack and Carry Fire Pit.

The ultimate camping gadget folds easily to fit in his pack, and then opens up for campfire fun without damaging the ground. Better throw in a bag of marshmallows he'll want to try this baby out straightaway (, $189.95)

For The Techie Shutterbug

Ah, the GoPro. So nerdy, and yet so ... cool. And a must-have for any techie or photographer. The GoPro HERO3 Camcorder not only taks high-quality photos and videos but is Wi-Fi enabled so he can control the camera from a compatible device or remote. Plus it's got myriad other techie attribute over which he can geek out (, $249). 

For The Nomad

The guy on the go needs gear that can keep up. The Transit Issue Waterproof Nomad Journal is durable, practical, and sleek — so he can record his adventures and inspirations in style wherever he is (, $54).

For The Dapper Dan

Call him clean-cut, or metrosexual, or plain old-fashioned. However you slice it, the man takes care of himself. And that’s a trait that should be rewarded. The Stash Box pays tribute to a traditional apothecary set, replete with nourishing Old Fashioned Shave Cream (and a brush to apply it) Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub, and Gameface Moisturizer to keep him kissably smooth, even by your standards. It all comes in a cool, manly box that he can later use for, well, stashing stuff (, $160).

For Do-Gooder With Endless Energy

A soccer ball as energy source. A soccer ball as energy source? Yes, you read that right. The brilliant Soccket Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball harnesses the kinetic energy from its own movement, so that after a game he can power an LED lamp for several hours (and up to three days). Better yet, your purchase will help the company send Socckets to destinations desperately in need of light — now that's some recreation you can both feel good about (, $99)

For The Kitchen Caper

Whether he's a true gourmand or just learning his way around the kitchen, he's sure to love the Bella Cucina Donut Maker. It's a breeze to use and the results are oh-so-tasty. Looks like you'll be staying for breakfast after all (, $19.49).

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