Admit It! 5 Things Married People Miss BAD About Being Single

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There's nothing better than having a boyfriend, right? Um … sort of. Having someone to have sex with whenever (and wherever) you want, hang out with, kiss, snuggle and shower with and watch marathon seasons of Breaking Bad with on Sunday afternoons may sound like hitting the jackpot (and trust me, it definitely is), but that doesn't mean that the grass doesn't seem greener on the lawn next door from time-to-time.

Having a partner is like choosing to happily see the glass half-full. It doesn't make you whole, but it makes you better. And at the same time, there are liberties that come as part of the single life that monogamy will make you ache for.

Here's what eight women miss the most about their Single Lady days:

1. The Freedom To Just Get Up And Go

"I miss, more than anything, having the freedom to do whatever I want when I want to," says Carey, 26. "I miss being able to just hang around with my girlfriends and guy friends during the day and just do nothing with them — and not have to worry about checking in. I miss not having to pay attention to my phone and I miss spur of the moment adventures; now, I run everything past my boyfriend to make sure our plans don't conflict."

2. Getting My Number Up

"I wish I would have been more promiscuous. I think when I was single I wanted to have sex with a "boyfriend", whereas now I just wish I would have slept around a little bit," Melissa, 28 says.

"When I was single, I was like 'Oh, no, I don't want to get my number up.' Now though, I wish I definitely slept with more people," Ana, 24 says.

3. Having A Good Cry

"I put on Dirty Dancing the other night after my boyfriend fell asleep and I cried and cried and cried. It felt so good to cry for no reason," Lou, 25, says.

"Oh," says Meagan, 26, "I miss not being laughed at when I cry in movies or whenever anyone has a wedding on TV."

4. Having The Bed To Myself

"It's so, so cliché, but I don't even care," Kali, 24, says, "I really miss having room to sprawl out in my bed and not have to deal with someone else hogging the pillows and the comforter. Snuggling is always a huge plus, on those few nights that I get to myself, I'm reminded how much I love sleeping alone."

5. Me-Time

"Whether it was time to myself or time to hang out with my girlfriends, I miss being able to spend my time how I wanted to, without feeling guilty for it — or worrying that I wasn’t spending enough time with my boyfriend," Jenny, 26, says. 

"I started seeing my boyfriend when all of my best friends were all single," Allie, 26, says. "I was jealous of how much time they got to spend together doing whatever they wanted. I always felt like I was doing something wrong when I ditched him to hang out with them."