Love Bytes: 14 Most Worthless Things People Buy For Weddings

Plus, the 25 sexiest countries on the Earth.


Why can't we just eVite everyone to the wedding? Do you really need to have a dress you will never wear again and do not insult my intelligence by saying our daughter will one day want it. And let's not even discuss the price of tulips; it makes may face hurt. Those concerts are nothing to these 14 weird-ass wedding purchases. (The Frisky)

Nothing to see here. Just a guy making it with a goat. (Huffington Post)


It MAY not MAKE the world go-round but money is pretty important to your relationship. Find out if you're on the same page before you think about getting hitched. (Money Living)

If he doesn't say you're his girlfriend that probably makes you feel like a real horses pa-toot. What do you do with the guy who "doesn't want to label it, babe"? (ANewMode)

Good News: if we quit making porn right now, every enthusiast could still go the rest of her life and never see something twice. Bad News: the industry is reeling from a HIV crisis. (The Daily Beast)

The 25 Sexiest Countries In The World. What is this place, heaven? NO it's the sexiest country in the WORLD. (Guyism)


Ever done a weird sex thing you regret? Ever wish you rewind 6 seconds instead of blurting out "I love you"? Then this 24-waiting period could be for YOU. (Em & Lo)

Can't quite navigate the space between school marm and caricature whore? These celebrity makeup tips will set you straight. (Spry Living)

Stop me if you've seen this video. I fella wakes up from a serious surgery and has some sort of face amnesia but is ecstatic about how hot his wife is. Sort of the Chappelle sketch about the white supremacist in reverse. (The Stir)

Some "Swedish" "politician" "accidentally" Instagram-ed a picture of his "penis." He's pretty "cool" about "it," though. (The Gloss)


How do you feel about all things Narnia? Duh, I know. Then you will LOVE this cartoon from a CS Lewis poem about love. (Huffington Post)

7 Types Of Relationships Doomed To Fail. If the devil and Saddam are having issues, you really need to make sure that YOU'RE dating the right person. (Guyism)

I don't believe I'm selling out my gender when I say, "You don't want to see what we do when you're not around." It's mostly karate moves in the mirror, but you still want to check out this gallery. (

Nothing to see here. Just a woman with mammoth mammaries massage men (with them) for money. (TruTV)

Want to be mom of the year? Follow this advice. (Ranker)


I'm not a fan of Harry Potter. He always seemed a touch whiny for me but that Ron Weasely could talk to the lay-deeees. Here are his (and the rest of those dorks') best love quotes from the films and whatever they were based upon. (Tres Sugar)

We all do, sister. We all do. What to do when you wish your boyfriend was more romantic. (ANewMode)

Oh, Miley. What won't you do for attention? (The Gloss)


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