Why Can't I Find A Relationship?

One frustrated YourTango user has tried it all from online dating to setups. She wants to settle down and doesn't know why she's not meeting someone. When it comes to love and relationships, being careful to not rush things and waiting can be worth it in the long run.

In this video, Dr. Diana Kirschner offers her professional advice on how to find love. Watch the video to learn Dr. Diana's expert advice for how to improve a so-so love life.

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Featuring Love and Dating Expert Dr. Diana Kirshner


Hi this is Dr. Diana Kirschner with Ask Your Tango answering your dating and relationship questions.  Today’s question is from Coranan: Why can’t I find a relationship?  I have tried many avenues to finding love, from to being hooked up by friends, to social gatherings.  Yet, I have only had dates here and there and nothing more.  I am 38 and ready to find lasting love, but I have no idea why it’s just not working. 

Well this is an excellent excellent question.  And here is what I suggest you do.  I want you to gather your closest family and friends and I want you to ask them to give you really really really honest feedback.  I want to have a dating intervention.  I want to know the truth.  Just tell me.  Tell me.  And also get your ex’s feedback too, if you have any exes.  “What is it about my personality?  Tell me what my personality is like?  Tell me about how I look, is there something that I need to change?  You know, tell me about my flirting or not flirting?  Am I coming on too strong?  Am I coming on too laid-back?”  You can take that information and change your life.  And the bottom line is no guts, no glory.  So you go for that information and learn what you’re doing.  Because let me tell you, love is wroth it.  And you’re worth it.

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