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7 Unexpected (And Pretty Strange) Things Guys Find REALLY Sexy

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7 Unexpected (And Pretty Strange) Things Guys Find Sexy

Yeah, you have the little black dress. You may wear high heels. You could rock low-slung jeans. You might slowly lick your lips. You can touch his chest while you're talking to him. And you can even wear his button-down with little else.

Sure, these are all sexy. But they're "known" sexies. Here are seven unexpectedly sexy things that will drive your guy crazy, take it from me. 

1. Your smell


Yeah, YOUR scent is a massive turn-on, but telling us that you smell our t-shirts or pillow when you miss us is a huge ego-boost. Please don't turn this into Fatal Attraction

2. Dancing, even if you're awful at it

There's a good chance you're terrible at singing and/or dancing, but doing it with reckless abandon and in public is strange form of skill-less confidence that sort of melts our hearts. Karaoke-ing "I Touch Myself" with 10 friends doesn't count.

3. Throwing a tight spiral


Every guy dorks out about something. Having some modicum of skill, knowledge or enthusiasm for one of our hobbies goes a long way. If you happen to beat us in Street Fighter 2 by haphazardly mashing buttons, keep the lip to a minimum.

4. Using your mouth

They say men are wired for fight or flight; throw in a third F-word and that about covers the gamut of our adrenaline responses. A little good-natured trash talk can set the old ticker a-twitter

5. Being on time, but not every time


There's not much more infuriating than a woman who is always late. The time vampire is substantially less sexy than every other form of bloodsucker. However, to paraphrase Emerson, mix in a little tardiness to keep us on our toes or, better yet, be late to other things to squeeze in 400 more seconds with us.

6. Reading books

Recommend books to us and trust our recs. And just because there's not a movie adaptation doesn't mean a book won't change your life. 

7. Raunching it up


Judging by the popularity of Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, and so on, everyone can enjoy a good joke about male reproductive fluid or a hooker, a priest and Santa Claus. Please keep in mind that a little bit of gas humor goes a looooong way.

In general, keep in mind that variety is the spice of life, and guys love it when you eschew the status quo time and again.