The Breakup Guide: 7 Tips For Bouncing Back

Jo Piazza's Advice For Living Your Best Love Life!

Exclusive! Author Jo Piazza shares her tips for dealing with heart-wrenching breakups.

Jo Piazza is the Executive News Director of InTouch and Life & Style and author of the recently released "Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps." Here, she exclusively shares with YourTango her tips for moving on from breakups and drunk booty-calls.

The first thing people who read my novel Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps ask me is whether or not Sophie—the slightly unhinged, but still lovable heroine—is based on me or anyone I know. The truth is that, of course, there is a little bit of me in Sophie. I think there is a little bit of every woman who spent her 20s or 30s in the dating pool in Sophie. In the book, Sophie is dumped and dumped hard. Her boyfriend has already replaced her with his much-younger D-cupped assistant. Rather than wallowing in her Cheeto-smelling despair Sophie is proactive and starts a support group of women to help all of them get over bad men and bad dating habits.

This is a rom-com so hilarity naturally ensues, but I think some of the lessons are worth taking to heart. It is worth it to anyone going through a breakup to take a timeout and figure out how to make yourself a better and more sane partner in your next relationship.

To that end, Sophie and her group of Love Rehabbers crafted a list of rules to get over a breakup with dignity and class and tread lightly back into the dating pool.

Rule 1: Staging a dramatic outburst never leads to a grand gesture. It can be hard not to scream and cry during a breakup. It can be hard to keep your hands to yourself and it can be hard not to throw a lamp across the room. But having a moment of clarity in the midst of the tears and the "but just tell me whys" can be life-changing. No amount of screaming and crying is going to make someone change their mind about spending forever with you. If it does, something is wrong with them.

Rule 2: Reality dating shows are not reality. Don't drink that Kool-Aid. Watch the Kardashians instead. Just stop watching shows like The Bachelor. No one meets, falls in love and gets engaged in six weeks. Keep away from the false hope and indulge in anything starring Scott Disick. It will turn you off the idea of romantic love straight away. Keep reading...

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