Weird News: Japanese 'Girlfriend Coat' Comforts Lonely Men

japanese man jacket

Loneliness can be cured by a very special garment.

First they brought us animated porn with probing tentacles. Then came young shut-in men called Hikikomori. And most famously we have body pillow girlfriendsLove In Japan Keeps Getting Weirder .

But the sexual curiosity and awkward socialization keeps on truckin'. Per Kotaku, a jacket has been created for young men that, while it looks like an ordinary coat, it feels like someone is hugging you from behind. It's more or less the opposite of a t-shirt that looks like a comely woman's bathing suited-body but strangely never comes in anything smaller than a men's size XXL. The garment, called a Riajyuu Coat, also features the voice of a young woman murmuring to its wearer.

While it remains to be seen if there is mass appeal for the product or if, indeed, it is real, it's telling that it seems like it could exist. I'm not sure if it's the Japanese penchant for offbeat pornography or their fragmented national libido but could you almost believe any sexual or relationship story out of Japan (or Germany)? Is Japan the Amanda Bynes of nations?

And furthermore, do we want lonely young men to be the little spoon? I'm a huge fan of riding inside spoon but I think if I'm living a fantasy by virtue of a stylish article of clothing that I'd like to be a little more of an alpha male. Unless it's a motorcycle jacket or there are tiny hand-shaped protrusions inside the hip pockets; then all bets are off and off and off.

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