Couple Married By Robot In Japan

robot hand holding metal flower
Buzz, Love

More strange love from the archipelago of Japan.

As you may know, I'm sort of obsessed with technology. And not useful technology like social media, i-Products or digital watches. Rather, I like flying cars, large Hadron colliders and robots. I am totally gay for robots. Robots are very strong and made of metal. And, unlike unicorns, their programming forbids them from acting illogically or counter to a specific set of behaviors (think Robocop's fourth directive)… unless an unforeseen agent introduces a corrupting factor OR it becomes sentient and a sense of self-preservation develops.

But let's not be homosapien chauvinist pigs and start a campaign of fear that robots are going to take our jobs, bang our spouses and grind our bones to dust. Finally: Affordable Robotic Sex Machines

Before the next logical step of humans "romancing" and eventually marrying robots, we'll first have them perform other jobs in and around love, in order that they may become accustomed to human emotions and the nature of romance. These jobs will initially include wedding cake icer, flower girl and priest. In fact, our friends at The Frisky have it on good authority (there is video evidence) that a Japanese couple has already been married by a robot.

Evidently, through hook or crook (but most likely articulated robo-arm), the robot actually brought the two together in the first place. With matchmaker and officiator under its electro-belt, DJ and bartender can't be too far off. Robot Emcees South Korean Wedding

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the intersection of robotics and long-term human relationships. And holler if you think lasers and jetpacks can somehow benefit romance.