Why Mama's Boys Are Bad News

Mama's boys may seem sweet, but looks can be deceiving.

mamas boy

Wikipedia defines the term "mama's boy" as "a man who is excessively attached to his mother at an age when men are expected to be independent." Sounds sweet, right? Sure, as long as your aren't married to one.

YourTango conducted a survey of over 100 mental health professionals to find out what makes a man "husband material," and posed the following question: Agree or disagree: A "mama's boy" makes a great husband. The results were staggering: Eighty-eight percent disagree.


So, why are mama's boys such bad news? Here's what a few of the experts had to say:

"Mama's boys are just that, boys." —Sam Alibrando

"If you want a baby to take care of, then have a baby, don't marry one." —Judith Tutin

He'll always love [his] mommy first." —Maya Ezratti

"Unless you want three people in your bed, watch out. Mama's boys don't tend to stick up for their wives' needs ... when mama and wife clash." —Aline Zoldbrod

"The general psychology of someone who is overly attached to his mother (or any other caretaker) is general[ly] not a great quality in a husband. And sometimes, women latch on to men like this thinking that that connection will transfer onto them, but it likely will not." —Bobbi Jankovich


So, is your man a mama's boy, or is he husband material?

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