Survey Reveals What Makes Men Husband Material

husband material

New York, NY (March 25, 2013): A survey of mental health professionals from dispels several long-held myths, and reveals what actually makes a man husband material.

For starters, is it true that you can tell everything you need to know about how a man will treat you by looking at his relationship with his mother? "Not even close," say 65 percent of respondents. However, YourTangoExpert Jennifer Elizabeth Masters disagrees, explaining, "If a man is disrespectful of his mother, he will disrespect you. If he does not get along with his mother, he is a bad risk."

If you think that a man who has never been married by age 40 likely has a deep-seated fear of commitment or some other undesirable issue to resolve, you're in the minority; fifty-five percent of experts disagree with this assumption. "He may just be very independent," says YourTango Expert Sheila Paxton, "or very discerning." And neither one of those traits is something to be concerned about.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of respondents agree that the number one quality that makes a man husband material is his ability to communicate, followed closely by honesty and reliability. And, when it comes to finding a husband, experts say the following three qualities matter least to their clients: a man's height, followed by his religion/ethnicity and then his job. So, cheer up, diminutive dudes; as it turns out, ladies love short men just as much as their taller counterparts.

More than 96 percent of respondents agree that great husbands are made, not born, so it's never too late for a guy to live up to his potential. As to whether divorced men make good husbands, the verdict is out: half of experts say they do; the other half say they don't. However, a whopping 89 percent of experts believe that addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and/or sex disqualify men from being husband material, so marriage-minded women should avoid guys with substance abuse issues. Why? One expert eplains, "Anyone actively practicing an addiction is more loyal to the addiction than to any other relationship." 

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