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The 6 Best Gifts For Men...According To Actual Men

Best Gifts For Men...According To Actual Men

How do you find the perfect romantic gift for your man? Just ask him.

This year, we did the next best thing. We partnered with TiVo and enlisted our most trusted guy friends & bloggers to share what's on their holiday wish lists. Here are 6 gift recommendations that will have him fa-la-la-la-falling for you hard.


For The Glued-To-The-Tube-Dude
by Tom Miller from Tomfoolery

Wall Street Journal tech blogger, Walt Mossberg called it the "Holy Grail" of set-top boxes which I thought was perhaps aggressive, that is, until I tried it. The TiVo Roamio Pro ($599.99 plus service) is seriously the only DVR this TV junkie will ever need. First of all, it’s Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/Amazon all in one. It holds up to 450 HD hours (or, you know, enough room for every episode of Law & Order episode ever made) and even has an “undelete” button for when Game Of Thrones "accidentally" gets deleted for a "very special" episode of The Carrie Diaries. But seriously the single feature that had me at hello, or I should say, at TiVo, is the out-of-home streaming. Which means I'll never miss a live game just because I promised I'd go to the botanical gardens or a wedding that some "inconsiderate" person scheduled on a fall Saturday.


For The "Well-Wheeled" Guy
by Chris Raymond of Chris On Cars

To find the perfect gift for your car enthusiast, first find out what type of cars he loves. For the muscle car fan, check out the Busted Knuckle and GarageArt for great neon signs, custom stools, vintage gas and oil signs and pumps and furniture made from cars. If your guy is into classics, then check out sites like Hunziker Apparel and Retrocorsa, both which offer some amazing classic race apparel (think: Steve McQueen or Stirling Moss racing shoes and Ferrari Daytona Seat leather wallets). Not sure which kind of car drives him wild? Take him to the track! NASCAR, F1, or Supercar driving experiences would be the perfect gift for any auto-enthusiast.


For the Fashionisto
by Brock McGoff of The Modest Man

I know it's risky to buy your S.O. anything style-related. What if they don't like it? But there is one very safe and very cool item that is perfect if you want to gently nudge your man in a stylish direction, and that's the desert boot. My two faves are Clarks Desert Boot ($119.99) in beeswax leather, and the J. Crew MacAlister ($148). They're super versatile, safe enough for guys who prefer to wear sneakers with everything, and timeless (although they're very in right now). They run big, so when in doubt, size down. 


For Your Lit-Lover Lad
by Kenneth Lange of

Ian Fleming's You Only Live Twice ($7)—because what guy doesn"t want to escape into a world of secret agents, beautiful women and fast cars? All men need to read at least one of the original James Bond novels during their life and they will be forever grateful to the women who gave it to them.


For Your Bobby Flay In Training
by Chris Hill of Bachelor Kitchen

This year, my list to Santa will be short, since there is one item I am very excited about...and it just might be the perfect gift for the cooking-enthusiast man in your life. A Standalone Wood Burning Oven, like the ones from Enforno Grande ($900-1,300), wiill make a perfect addition to my patio. I'd use it for cocktail parties, pizzas, roasting vegetables, and smoking meats. It’s okay to be a tad bit selfish as well, as this makes the perfect gift that any couple can take advantage of together for a nice quiet dinner date at home.


For the Guy Who Works Hard And Works Out Harder
by Chris Brogan of Human Business Works

Business professionals like me have a habit of staying tied to our desks. The Fitbit Force ($129.95) is a great tool for reminding us to get up, move, hit some goals, and to do so with a community of support around us. Like a lot of the new wearable health devices, Fitbit has a great software system that lets you sync other fitness and health apps to deliver an even more rounded picture of one's health.

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