The Worst Possible Ways To End A Relationship


How well do you understand the art of breaking up?

"I assume most people are good people, so I think the hardest thing about breaking up with somebody is ... saying to someone 'I don't like you; I don't want to spend the rest of my life with you.' Nobody wants to say that to somebody!" explains comedian Jared Freid candidly at the onset of this humorous yet insightful look into the "art of breaking up."

"If you are going to break up with someone," says therapist Rachel Sussman, "take minute to think how your partner — or your soon-to-be-ex partner — is going to accept that message."

While there is no official book of dos and don'ts for ending relationships, one rule seems universal: Have some tact. When asked whether it's okay to end things with someone via text message, our own YourTango Experts editor Rachel Kleinman says, "I'm gonna go with a very conditional yes on that."

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