Welcome To 'Break Up With Your Ex' 2013!

break up with your ex

Eighty percent of our readers want to cut ties with their exes for good; are you one of them?

Let's face it: there's nothing pleasant about breaking up — which is why so many of us resist a clean break, opting instead to let our exes linger in our lives long after the relationship is over. Exes don't just leave imprints on hearts; they also leave footprints in every corner of our digital worlds, from cell phones to social media.

From January 9 - 29, 2013, we used SurveyMonkey to poll 716 YourTango readers about their breakup patterns. The results reveal that a large portion of you — 67%  think about your ex way too much (and that includes 46% of our married readers!). And a lot of you find it hard to let go. More than half of the readers confessed to keeping their former partners' numbers in their cell phones, and almost half have stayed friends with their exes on Facebook (though that number has dropped since we polled readers last year). No wonder it's so hard to move on!

"In 2011, we learned that a lot of people had ex-attachments, so we launched Break Up With Your Ex to help," says Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO & Founder, of this year's two-week campaign. "Two years later, our new research reveals people need help more than ever." And it's not just digital connections that keep us tethered to our past; about 40% of respondents tend to date the same (and wrong) type of person repeatedly. So this year, we're also encouraging people to 'forget their type' and try something new.

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