7 New Year's Eve Hair & Makeup Tips

woman applying blush

How to get the perfect glow on a cold winter's night.

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean your love life needs to, too. Sometimes, the chill of this season can make locks dull and skin dry. So, if you want your date cozy, but not your nose rosy, try a few of these subtle, easy tricks tonight to maintain a glow that lasts all winter long.

1. Creamy Cheeks
Blush is the best way to get glowing, but a cream formula makes it even better because it melds right into the skin and looks naturally gorgeous. For best use, remove a little chunk of cream blush using your fingernail. Then, rub the makeup in between your thumb and fingertip until it’s smooth and warmed. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards along cheekbones.

2. Exfoliate & Moisturize
Because of the dry air and harsh winds, skin can get flaky and dull — not the best accessory for any date outfit. One of the best ways to combat this is to ensure that the dead skin cells are not piling up and diluting your pretty complexion. Using a loofah and shower gel for your body and a more gentle exfoliator like Ole Henrikson’s Walnut Complexion Scrub, then applying a hydrating moisturizer will help ensure you’re as bright as ever. There are also tools to help this process along if using a product exfoliator doesn’t tickle your fancy. As someone with dry skin, I swear by my Clarisonic Pro; I use it each night to thoroughly cleanse my skin and get rid of dead cells and makeup, which thereby lets my face lotion and anti-aging products absorb more effectively. On nights when I’ll be going on dates, I always do another short once-over to make sure my skin is looking extra fresh and glowing.

3. Use A Humidifier
I honestly have trouble going for more than one night without a humidifier on because I instantly notice the difference in my skin and eyes (not to mention throat). Keeping one on during the evening hours can help combat the air-drying effects of your heating system. Keep reading ...

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