Kirstie Alley Confesses: What I Did Was Worse Than Cheating

Kirstie Alley Confesses: What I Did Was Worse Than Cheating

Kirstie Alley has opened up about two different men she fell in love with during her marriage.

Over the past two days, Dancing with the Stars contestant Kirstie Alley is coming clean about quite a bit of history. In her new book The Art of Men, she goes into detail about the difficult times she went through in her love life. But you don't have to pick up the book, out today, to get all the dirt about how Alley fell in love twice while married.

On an interview with Barbara Walters—which will air in full on Friday— the star revealed that the "greatest love of her life" was not with either of her two husbands. Apparently, in 1989, during the filming of Look Who's Talking, Alley fell hard for her costar John Travolta. Although the feelings she had were strong, she resisted them because she was married to her second husband Parker Stevenson.

"Believe me, it took everything that I had, inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John," Alley told Walters. "And be with John for the rest of my life."

Alley stayed married to Stevenson until 1997, and when asked why she didn't leave him for Travolta, she said that she felt that in a marriage, "you're supposed to work hard at it, and you're supposed to make it work." Travolta went on to marry Kelly Preston in 1991.

So, as if this wasn't enough, she admits that the Grease star wasn't the only one she fell for while she was married to Stevenson. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Monday, she spilled about her relationship in 1987, two years prior to Travolta, with the late Patrick Swayze that shocked everyone.

The two met on the set of North and South and when the attraction began, she told herself 'do not go down this road.' However, she did anyways. In her book, she explains that one night she did proposition him, and he turned her down because they were both married.

"We did not have an affair," Alley said in the interview. "But again, I think what I did was worse. Because I think when you fall in love with someone when you're married, you jeopardize your own marriage and their marriage. It's doubly bad."

"We were creating a future together, but we were both married," she said. "After Patrick, I made a decision that I was not ever going to involve myself with anyone married." She also took to twitter to tell everyone that no, the two never had sex.

Do you feel that Kirstie's love for other men during her marriage is cheating? Is it worse than cheating?

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