4 Love Songs By Bryan Adams That Make Us Melt Over & Over Again

In honor of Bryan Adams' 53rd birthday, we're listing his four love songs we can't get enough of.

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When it comes to love songs, no one really compares to singer and songwriter Bryan Adams. Turning 53 on Monday, we had to remind you of his four best mushy love songs ever. If you've ever been given a mixed tape (or now, a playlist on iTunes) from your loved one, there's a good chance at least one of these hits has made the cut—if not all of them. We've also included our favorite lyrics of each song (although it was so difficult to choose).


1. Heaven
Released in April 1985, this song is a classic love ballad. You may also know the 2002 remake of the hit by DJ Sammy and Yanou, but Bryan Adams' version will always be the original and most romantic. Inspired by Journey's "Faithfully," the song was first heard on the film A Night in Heaven and was then part of Adams' album Reckless and topped the Billboard Top 100 charts for two weeks. Having someone tell you that being together is like Heaven? Yes, please.
Favorite lyrics: Oh, once in your life you find someone who will turn your world around, bring you up when you're feelin' down. Yeah, nothin' could change what you mean to me. Oh, there's lots that I could say, but just hold me now. 'Cause our love will light the way.


2. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
The song first heard in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives was released in 1991 and on Adams' album Waking Up the Neighbours. In 1992, it got recognized at the Grammys where it won for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television, and at the Oscars where it was nominated for Best Song. Adams' most successful hit sold eight million copies world wide and spent a great deal of time at #1—16 consecutive weeks on the UK Singles Chart and seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. This song shows how meaningful true love can be.
Favorite lyrics: Look into your heart, you will find, there's nothin' there to hide. Take me as I am, take my life. I would give it all, I would sacrifice.

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3. I Finally Find Someone (feat. Barbra Streisand)
Nominated for an Oscar, this son was released in 1996 and was on the soundtrack of The Mirror Has Two Faces, a film Streisand directed. Included on Adams' album 18 'Til I Die, the amazing love ballad was included on the 1999 CD Sony released All Time Greatest Movie Songs. We love it because of its uber-romantic story of two people who have finally found love in their lives.
Favorite lyrics: 'Cause whatever I do, it's just got to be you. My life has just begun, I finally found someone.

4. Back to You
I know, you're surprised to see this one on the list. Well here's why. Released in 1997, "Back to You" is a different type of love song; it's not telling your significant other how much your love them. It's letting that one who got away know that you're still loving them and coming back. As we know, sometimes a great love gets away so knowing they're still thinking of you is so romantic.
Favorite lyrics: Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean, that's how your love will take me home back to you. And if I wish upon that star, someday I'll be where you are. I know that day is coming soon, yeah, I'm coming back to you.


So, what's your favorite Bryan Adams hit love song?