Scarlett Johansson Is Single Again: Who's Next On Her List?

Scarlett Johansson

Ms. Johansson splits with her boyfriend after a year, leaving us to wonder who she'll date next.

Scarlett Johansson is a bit of a siren. She lures in attractive men only to feed on her prey and spit them out—figuratively. And apparently her latest feast, boyfriend Nate Taylor, is yet another victim. According to People magazine, Ms. Johannson recently broke up with her beau of a year and is on her way to find greener pastures. Or maybe someone with more meat.

The two love-birds were seen in January holding hands, walking through the streets of New York City. After that, they were spotted in Paris in August, right before suggestive pictures surfaced of Scarlett in her itsby-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikini lounging next to her bodyguard during a trip to Italy. Ouch.

The vixen has also broken the heart of hunk Ryan Reynolds by asking for a divorce in December 2010 after two-years of marriage. We're sensing a trend here. (He recovered with Blake Lively.)

So, now the important question comes into play: who will Scarlett be with next? She's gone through some pretty hot men, including Josh Harnett, Patrick Wilson, Sean Penn, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jared Leto—who Scarlett was seen with at the Democratic National Convention in September, holding hands, while still dating Nate—this girl's got some game!

Perhaps, Scarlett will opt for a funny man her own age like 27-year-old Dave Franco, or maybe she and Mr. Leto will rekindle some obvious, dimly lit flames. Who knows? But we do know one thing; whoever it is should be prepared to get their heart broken.

They didn't call her Black Widow in The Avengers for nothing.

Tell us: Who do you think Scarlett should date next?

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