5 Simple Things Couples Can Do To Spice Up Their Relationship

couple traveling

Is your partner still the same man you married? Does he have the same pep in his step and sense of idealism that you fell for back when he was buying you drinks and begging for a second date? Perhaps he's a bit wearier, a bit weightier or even a bit weathered from the financial storm that has threatened to take the fun and spontaneity out of marriage.

Don't let life's downers get to you. Moreover, don't allow your hectic schedules and harried lifestyles make you so preoccupied you forget to have a little fun. When couples get complacent in their marriage, problems could be brewing on the horizon.

Here are 5 simple things couples can do to spice up their relationship:

1. Dance together.
Dancing is a great way for couples to connect. If you're not down with organized dance lessons, you can rent a DVD and let the experts into your living room. Once you're comfortable with a little cha cha, splurge on a skimpy outfit and see what sequins do for your sex life. 

2. Read a romance novel together.
For $14.99 you and your partner can get your hands on something totally trashy. Romance novels may not do much for your literary IQ, but if you dim the lights and reinact the scene where Fabio put his hands under the milkmaid's petticoat, I'm sure you'll get a few laughs while you're making your way to the bedroom. Reading together is a great way to reconnect with your spouse so if romance novels aren't your cup of tea, explore other topics like Shakespearean plays or science fiction.

3. Travel locally together.
With so many travel restrictions and airport delays, jetting off to a far away place may actually work against you. Arguing is NOT romantic. Instead, explore the surrounding area. Perhaps there's a national park you've only admired from a distance or a neighborhood enclave that still remains a mystery. If you have a public transportation system in your city, hop off at a stop you've never been to before. Take turns allowing one another to choose your direction and so long as you stay safe, you'll end up in an exciting place you'd never imagined.

4. Cook together.
If you can't afford to eat out every night but still enjoy snuggling up to a good meal, collect the online menus from your favorite restaurants. Or better yet, cook together. Cooking together is the ultimate act of seduction. You explore your partner's culinary curiosities while taking risks together that DON'T involve jumping off a cliff.

5. Plan a wedding together.
Before you go shaking your head, hear us out. Weddings can be super expensive and a logistical nightmare. But reliving your wedding day, or renewing your marital vows, can be simple and oh-so romantic. Rewrite your marriage vows, and in the process, discuss what you hope to add to your relationship. Give yourselves credit for coming as far as you have, but recognize the parts of your promises that you may have broken.

If you do this while enjoying the meal you just cooked together, celebrating your re-wedding and dancing salsa and a Fabio-style love fest, we doubt you'll be at a loss for a Saturday-night ever again.