RIP Helen Gurley Brown: An Exclusive Interview By Bonnie Fuller

RIP Helen Gurley Brown: An Exclusive Interview By Bonnie Fuller

In honor of Brown's passing, enjoy this conversation between two legendary women's magazine editors.

For the first time ever, Bonnie Fuller, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, has interviewed Helen Gurley Brown, creator of the women's love and sex bible. The original Cosmo queen dishes about sex, love, work and how to have it all. 6 Life And Love Lessons From Helen Gurley Brown

According to Fuller, women today are in debt to Gurley Brown for "her once-revolutionary ideas and her bold determination to relentlessly articulate a better, more self-fulfilling life for women, which she did in every issue of Cosmo during her thirty-year tenure." With the release of Jennifer Scanlon's new book, Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown, the ground-breaking editor is finally getting her due as a feminist hero.

Were it not for Helen Gurley Brown, women today might be "trapped in a world filled with now absurd-seeming ideas. Ideas like: you're a slut if you've had pre-marital sex, or if you've had sex with more than one partner, or if you're not married... by the age of 21," writes Fuller.

"When Bonnie approached us to write this piece, we jumped at the chance. In a world with so much judgment, hypocrisy and moral ambiguity, women crave the kind of guidance and clarity offered by Helen on the more tricky matters of the heart—and the libido. True feminism requires honesty and confidence in our sexuality and Helen gives women permission to seize this on their own terms," said YourTango founder and CEO Andrea Miller.

Gurley Brown believes that work is liberating, women should be able to have sex with whomever they want, and we should celebrate, not shun, the single woman. Bonnie Fuller Gives Advice on Work/Family Balance

In her best-selling books like Having It All and Sex and the Single Girl, Helen Gurley Brown told women to embrace their career AND their relationship dreams. She has continued to live and love and, at 87, stills run Cosmopolitan International.

Bonnie Fuller is a magazine luminary in her own right. In addition to being the second editor of Cosmo, she founded the U.S. edition of  Marie Claire, and edited Glamour, Flare, YM, Us Weekly and Star. She created the modern American celebrity weekly and fundamentally altered the way woman's magazines present themselves.

These two stars of women's media have come together in their first ever Q&A, giving members the chance to ask the ultimate sex and love guru questions like:

  • Is it wrong that sleeping with married men turns me on?
  • Should I start a relationship with a guy at work?
  • Why won't my wife tell me her fantasies?


Get the answers and read the interview here!

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